What we're about

Organize trips to visit a museum, a city or a region. The departures are on weekends and its duration can be from 1 to 3 days.

There will be different activities such as visits to museums, guided tours of the city, eating in restaurants in the area, walking a lot and sharing good times among lovers of good landscapes, travel, culture, history and the arts. In addition to the most important thing: make friends.

The group also offers hiking excursions of different levels. In all seasons of the year.

The activities and trips will be in Luxembourg, Belgium, Holland, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. With what the coordination and the deadlines to sign up are very important.

Once you become a member of the group and participate in the first activity with us, you will also participate in the WhatsApp groups that we will be creating for each of the trips.

Be carefull! Sometimes trips are in private cars and the hostelling and the booking in the hostelling are on time, after this limit time, each booking and car depend of each participant.

Any questions: lmcercasis@gmail.com

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Chemin de Boheme II - Drauffelt - Esch-sur-Sure

Luxembourg, Luxembourg central station

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