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SWAG had its beginning in April 2012 when Wendy realized it was time for her and many of us to either get in shape or back into shape. And what better way to do that than walking and/or hiking? We started with about 10 people and have grown to 936 at the time of this writing. SWAG started off with two hikes a week – both evening ones. Now we have something going on just about every day of the week and just about every time of time.

We are a fun, congenial group of people who enjoy getting out and doing things together whether it be walking, hiking or any other adventure anyone can think of. It is a great way to get some exercise in, learn more about the local parks in the area and make some truly fantastic friendships along the way.

As most of you know there are a number of hiking groups in this area. SWAG is not one of those groups that are out for distance and/or speed. Sure there will be some longer hikes (mostly on the weekends) but we always stop and smell the roses so to speak. Actually many of us stop to take photos, take in the views or just to catch our breath. That being said we are a very diverse group and as such we have both fast and slow walkers. If you are on the slow side please know that you are just as welcome as those that are on the fast side. Our leaders do not leave anyone behind!

We are also very aware that it can be a bit intimidating to go on your first event with any group. Just remember that all of us at one time or another were the newbies in the group and I think all of us remember that feeling.

But as with most groups there are rules:

Membership: Membership is $5.00 per year due November first. You can pay through the meet-up website or you can pay via check (note: if paying by check please message Kendra for specific directions). Dues help to cover the cost of SWAG’s dues to the national Meet-Up organization, maintain a P.O. Box and contribute to a general event fund. Please do not attempt to give your dues to other leaders or organizers as it might be difficult for them to get it to me.

About Attending Events:

1. All events start at the time indicated. We do not wait for latecomers as that is not fair to those that arrive on time.

2. Please make sure that you click “Yes” to RSVP so the leader knows who and how many will be attending.

3. If you find that you will not be able to attend after stating that you will attend, please change your RSVP to “No” – even if that is at the last minute.

4. There will be many events posted that you either cannot attend or do not want to attend. That is perfectly alright. But please, you do not have to do anything if you do not plan on attending.

5. Please read the descriptions of the hikes. If there are hills and you cannot do hills for whatever reason it is probably best to not RSVP.

6. Remember that everyone accepts responsibility for themselves. This means knowing and accepting your capabilities; wearing proper clothing; bringing your own water and snacks.

7. Please check the website prior to the event in case there are any changes. This is especially important during bad weather.

We do not charge per event. However, there may be times in which you might be required to pay for parking or an entrance fee due to the venue. Those fees are paid directly to the venue.

Please note that the leaders and organizers are all volunteers. They are not paid and most do not have any real training in leading hikes. If you have a problem with any leader please do not comment on that event page. Instead please message Kendra and let her know of the situation that took place.

Now...let's get that SWAG going...

Upcoming events (5+)

Another way to do Cobblestone Loop

393 Violetti Rd

We'll be walking in from the end of Violetti Rd thru the eastern part of Spring Lake Regional Park into Trionne-Annadel SP to Orchard-Cobblestone Loop. It's about 4.5 mi. approx. 2.5 hrs, little climb up, some rocky spots, outstanding views of SR on a lil side trail if it's not cloudy. We'll see a newt pond, Milkmaids, Mule Ears, Indian Warrior, Iris, Hound's Tongue, Mission Bells and...? Who can match the name to the wild flower? If you have a Regional Park Pass you can park in the visitors lot off Violetti, if not there is usually ample parking on the rd at this time in am. Boots, poles, water, snack, you know the hiker's drill, tick repellant is good too. See you there at the end of Violetti!

Start at 6th street playhouse and walk 1.8 miles (.5 mi past Stony Pt.)

Meet at the 6th st Playhouse and park on the street if possible. We will walk past Stony Pt to a point near Malibu Circle, turn around go back to Stony Pt. under the road. As we come up to Stony Pt we cross the bridge and walk on the opposite side of the creek back to 6th st. Playhouse.

Hike to Lincoln Park steps in San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge Welcome Center

This is a 5 1/2 mile loop starting from the Golden Gate visitor center to the Lincoln Park mosaic steps and returning along the coastal route. Not sure of the elevation or how many hills will have to climb. Be sure to bring your water and layered clothing. Hard to write the difficulty of this hike because I don’t really know what kind of hills are expected. I do know the coastal Trail is pretty even.

Howarth Park loop around Spring Lake

Howarth Park

Our (approx.) 3.8 mile walk starts at Howarth Park near Lake Ralphine, winds along various trails, goes to the far side of Spring Lake Park usually along the dam, loops around the lake and returns to Howarth Park parking lot. Drinking fountains and toilets are available. NEW TO THE GROUP? Please read the entire description for a clear understanding of "personal responsibility" and courtesy. . . . . . Every week the route varies. We often take the Ridge Trail which is moderately steep and encounters 7 hills along the way. We may do this trail at the beginning or the end. There is an option to walk the regular paved path by oneself if no hills are desired. We have walkers with varying paces and often we split into two groups as the gap widens. New walkers should be fine as long as they stay with one of the splinter groups. If you are unfamiliar with the park try walking it first with a friend. Most of the group does moderate (about 23 min. mile) or quick pace. NOTE ******If you haven't walked at a moderate pace lately or are doing this walk to get back in shape and you are having difficulty keeping up with other group members it is UP TO YOU to let us know that you are taking personal responsibility and will return to the parking area ON YOUR OWN ****** Our standard pace returns us to the parking lot around 11:15 am. However as long as YOU are responsible to make your way back to the parking lot safely. . . you may take as long as you like. Sound good? Please join us!

Past events (1,938)

Brush Creek Walk to the Flat Rock Area.

Brush Creek at the Jenifer Ct. trailhead

Photos (15,600)