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Welcome to Sensorium, which means using all senses as a whole.

This group’s purpose is to offer guidance to intuitive and sensitive children, their families, and those of us that were intuitive and sensitive children.

It provides opportunities for nurturing and validating our experiences. Such skills include intuition, empathy, shamanic abilities, being a star child, indigo, crystal, rainbow, being a sensitive, having psychic powers and being a lightworker.

Sensorium values and respects these skills that are often ignored and suppressed at school.


It’s time to tap into all of the stimuli that help children develop these skills and also to teach children how to balance out their senses so they don’t overload.

Workshops and resources will be offered that enable deeper understanding and confidence in our abilities. The workshops will offer ways for parents to support their sensitive children and meet others that are like minded. Other workshops will help those of us that didn't receive the support we could have used when we were kids with our intuitive gifts.


My name is Elisabeth Black and I am passionate about teaching children with "special skills" how to feel more comfortable with their gifts. I have been an elementary teacher for over 20 years in charter, public, and Waldorf schools.

When I was a young girl, I remember sitting in front of the mirror teary. I'd always been a sensitive with abilities and felt very alone. I said, "No one should have to feel like this and when I grow up I'm going to help children." I'm so blessed to make this come true.

I've been working with gifted children and their families through Sensorium for Kids, Intuitive Development for Girls, and in private workshops.

My hope is that you will find this meetup and reach out so that you don't feel alone.

This link is to a video that tells more information about Sensorium for Kids:


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