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IMPORTANT PLEASE... R-E-A-D! IF YOU WANT TO WALK WITH ME, "TEXT ME"[masked] 'BEFORE' YOU SIGN UP!" TO MAKE SURE I WILL BE THERE AT THAT TIME! IF I DON'T HEAR FROM YOU, IT MEANS IT WILL BE *ANYTIME* (at MY convenience), INSTEAD OF @ 8AM or NOT AT ALL. If we don't CONNECT, please feel free to bring a friend and enjoy this beautiful place! 💖 ABOUT THE WALK: As a lovely, refreshing way to start your week, you will be walking around the five lakes of Yorba Regional Park. This is a BEGINNER SIX-MILE WALK, in a relaxed pace with minimal elevation gain/loss. The trail is packed dirt and mostly shaded by trees on both sides. Originally part of a Spanish land grant to Don Bernardo Yorba, the Yorba Regional Park now contains 140 acres of open space opened by the County of Orange to the public in 1976. In addition to its own string of lakes, the park adjoins the wetlands of the Santa Ana River. The park and its trails are dog friendly. RECOMMEND: Bring water, snacks, hat, sunscreen, glasses, comfortable tennis shoes and wear layers. We will offer an optional meal, there are many restaurants in this area. My favorite is the California Fish Grill @ 5675 E. La Palma Ave, Anaheim, CA ( Please sign up for this hike ONLY if you plan to attend. Emergencies understandably occur, but it's never a good idea to bail on a hike the day of (or at all, for that matter). Thanks for being considerate, I really appreciate it! DRIVING DIRECTIONS: From the 91 Freeway, take the Imperial Highway offramp heading north.... turn right on E. La Palma Avenue.... turn right into the Yorba Athletic Park (at Huxford Lane)..... west of and adjacent to Yorba Regional Park..... FREE parking at the Yorba Athletic Park, with overflow parking in the adjacent dirt lot and in the residential area across the street. We will meet next to the restrooms near the baseball fields. DISCLAIMER: We are not professional leaders. We are outdoor lovers who invite others to get connected with our natural beauty. By joining us you agree that hiking and other outdoor activities that you participate in with this group can be dangerous and that potential risks do exist. You and respective family and friends agree to not hold the club, it's organizers, hosts, or its members liable for any injury you may suffer on our outings and agree to assume all risks and responsibility for your own actions. Your personal safety depends solely on your own judgement, ability, and experience.

Yorba Regional Park

7600 East La Palma Ave · Anaheim

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This Group is about finding something wonderful when you aren’t looking for anything special. It is about meeting people that you never expected to meet, making friendships that you didn’t think were possible which could change your life and seeing places in a way that you have not seen them before. Our Easy-Going Hikes are not, how fast can I get there? It is about MAKING MEMORIES and focusing on how can I really enjoy the moments in between, as I go from place to place, because where you are in the moment, is just as important as where you will end up. If you are in a hurry and have a schedule, this may not be the group for you. Namasté. "I honor the place in you where the entire Universe resides... a place of light, of love, of truth, of peace, of wisdom. I honor the place in you, where, when you are in that place and I am in that place, there is only one of us." Mohandas K.. Gandhi


"Hi Mariel - You always make the hikes happy. I am going through some tough times and whenever I see you I smile. Thank you so much for being the sweet tender real person you are. I would love to be invited to your party. Thank you for thinking of me." MBA

Mariel Gonzalez Ganowsky ("I just wanted to say thank you for all u do for us who hike with you. U are amazing. When everyone doubts us, we show him or her we can do it even better. U take us in when everyone else thinks that we can't do their hikes or we're too slow or maybe too fast or we're not in their click. U are a blessing to me and for that i thank you. Trek on my beautiful soul of a person and let's do some hikes. Love u always. 9-15-15 JBW — feeling blessed."

"Beautiful! And true! It's always nice to be appreciated!
And it's nice to have people who don't care how fast or fancy we are or not and make us part of THEIR clique <3 " JMM

"Here's the bottom line. Everyone loves that Mariel! You’re the best!" SNY

"Mariel you're truly an inspiration." AAL

"We had soooo much fun today! We checked out so many overgrown trails & left super filthy with butts covered in dirt, but it was so worth it! I met Mariel several months back and we go on weekly hikes to different places with our other awesome hiking buddies. I really admire Mariel, not only for her pure kindness but also for the "adventurous live life to the fullest" soul that she is. She hikes almost every day of the week, climbs rocks like a 20 yr old, and she's in her 60s! We are only into March and she has almost completed her 52 hike challenge. If I am even half as spunky at her age, I will have really lived life. Mariel, you truly are an Inspiring person and a role model to others. Love u girl! "SC

"Beautiful! You described Mariel so accurately. Miss you girls." AA

"Love Mariel!" TLWR

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