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Welcome to the Rhythm of Life, 2016!

We have talked about a lot of different subjects over the past 8 years, including:

- Quantum - how we create our own reality, including The Law of Attraction, setting our intentions and trusting in the universe

- Love & Gratitude - the book and the concepts

- Relationships - how we interact with each other, different modalities that can exist for what constitutes a relationship

- The patterns of life - the "program" - how we can stop the same patterns affecting us over and over.

- Transhumanism - from time to time we'll look at this since understanding how the human being is changing and upgrading can help us greatly to understand what it really means to be human.

- Meditations and Visualizations

- Astrology

- Tarot and other divination tools
- Feng Shui

If you have any interest in giving a presentation on any of these subjects, please contact me directly.

This season, we are looking into how we can use lucid dreaming to step outside of the time/space bubble in which we find ourselves!

We typically meet at my home in Mansfield, and we encourage everyone to brings snacks or beverages to share, or a small donation. See you soon!

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