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Growing up in a traditional family in China, I feel all the love, fun and passion cooking with my mom in the kitchen using all different kinds of Asian ingredients.
I fit in all Chinese stereotypes before my turning 21, good grades, good university, study finance dealing with numbers...
I started my journey in France at the age of 21 for my master degree. Being away from home alone with new languages, I finally had the consciousness to let go other's opinions and figure out what I want.
Unlike most of my peers, I decided to pursue my passion in cooking after graduation instead of working in bank.
In 2017, I got accepted in "Harvard in the gastronomic world", Ferrandi Culinary School in Paris and working in Michelin star restaurant in France and Sweden till last month.
Why till last month? Because I just moved to Brussels to work in a bank. So this is not a story about me trying convincing everyone to pursue their passion and having the encourage to change career path. Finance might be someone who couldn't their dreams. After 3 years working in cooking field, I'm broke as I couldn't afford the same living standard I preciously had and my body turned to have some problems working long hours under pressure in the kitchen.
But I don't want to make it an end. I hope open my kitchen to host dinner for people like me who loves food, culture, alcohol, story, life drama. I want my food can convey my story, my philosophy, different recipes I got from traveling around the world from Asia to Europe to South America and the culture behind that.
I hope we can meet in my private dinner to exchange over food, build rapport over food and understand the world over food.
I'm ready, how about you?

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