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What we're about

If you're disappointed in the state of professional software development today.

If you believe that the industry devotes all its time to learning the latest toolkit or architectural craze, while neglecting the fundamentals whose lack mutes the benefits of those very things.

If you believe that far too many people pay lip service to practices and disciplines that, when you scratch the surface, they don't know and/or they don't actually practice.

If you believe this fact muddies the water and blunts the appreciation for the benefits that true professionals knowledgeable in and disciplined around the fundamentals, bring to a business.

If you believe that the marketplace will correct and force these things to change.

If you want to be involved in and benefit from the coming forced re-focus on fundamentals of the craft.

If any of the statements above reflect your thoughts in any way, and if you want to do something about it.

Join with me and other people who are serious about software development (all aspects and all roles), and together we will both work to hurry along the coming market shift in software development, and get on the right side of it.

Let's join forces, come up with ideas (I have a few to share myself), and start to do more than just practice our craft.

Please understand what this group is not:
--It's not a professional networking group (that might be a side benefit, but if that is your main aim in joining, you are not going to enjoy being part of this group). Looking for people who are serious about taking action to combat the erosion of fundamental knowledge and discipline in the industry.

--It's not a place to learn or study the craft of software development. We certainly want to encourage that, you will connect here with serious software development craftsmen, and can discover through us other avenues to advance in your craft. But this group is about action. (Note: All skill levels are welcome, so long as you are serious about bringing about change in the industry.)

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