Lance A.

Lance A.



Kansas City, MO

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Mar 19, 2019

What causes or nonprofits do you feel strongly about or want to volunteer with? (ex: hunger, the environment or Habitat) Do you currently volunteer with any nonprofits?

Any cause is worth my time! I feel more fulfilled when I am giving back.

What type of volunteer work are you interested in doing? (ex. sorting or organizing, cooking/serving food, building or physical work, ect.) Do you have any special skills?

I cook, I am a hard worker. Physical work is good for me as well. Not good @ organizational anything!

The Serve KC Leadership Team is made up of volunteer Organizers and Event Hosts. Would you be interested in hosting an occasional event or organizing with a new nonprofit?

I currently am living with a friend. So, I can't @ the moment. Maybe in the future...

What do you hope to get from volunteering with Serve KC?

Nothing. I am an empty nester now. All my volunteering has been based on my children and the organizations that they were involved in. I am looking for something new.

How did you find out about Serve KC?

Meetup KC