Serverless #22 : Serverless and storage on the Edge: Cloudflare Workers and KV


Welcome everyone !

This time we have two fantastic speakers :

First Ben Chartrand will present on - "Serverless and storage on the Edge: Cloudflare Workers and KV"

Imagine a large CDN network with data centres in over 150 locations around the world (and growing).

Now imagine you can run code in any of these locations. Write your function, deploy it once and it just works. That’s Cloudflare Workers: serverless compute run on the edge (in those locations near your users).

Now imagine you could also store your data on the edge. That's Workers KV (Key Value).

Come by and learn all about Workers and KV and how they can make your application more performant, save money and - most especially - globally available.

We'll start by covering the basics of Workers and the shiny new KV (Key Value) storage service. I'll show you how easy it is to build and deploy workers and data. Then we'll jump into real world examples I've built.

No knowledge of networking, Cloudflare or DNS is required.

UPDATED - Second speaker:
Aleksei Pushkin, "Sync the async"
Event-driven architecture and microservices are good when done right. However to achieve that, developers should overcome a lot of challenges. One of such challenges is to report the status of a distributed asynchronous operation to a client in (nearly)real time.

In this talk I am going to walk you through the potential solutions for this problem that we have considered while working on a prototype of our WEB CRM. I will also focus on one of them, that uses Redis as a synchronisation back channel between microservices, that we have found particularly promising. There will also be a demo, that will probably work.

Check out more of Aleksei's articles here:

Come along to share some pizza and beverages with us; we look forward to seeing you on the night!

The Serverless Auckland meetup team