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A group for anyone interested in building web, mobile, Big & Fast Data and Internet-of-Things applications with serverless architectures using the Serverless Framework and more! We'll discuss AWS Lambda, Azure Function, Google Cloud Functions and Open Whisk.

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Serverless Meetup Oktober

Akelius GmbH

18:30 gathering and socializing 19:00-ish: first talk starts 19:45-ish: small break 20:00-ish: second talk starts afterwards more socializing ✨Talk (1): Gaining Observability to Monitor Serverless Applications - by Erez Berkner (@erezberkner) ✨ Serverless applications are beneficial for scalability and improved development velocity, but they’re difficult to monitor. Their constant change blocks conventional APM tools from the necessary visibility to identify and fix problems. In this brave new world, observability is critical to properly run your production environment. In this talk we will discuss: - Why serverless applications are so difficult to monitor and manage - Current methods for making serverless applications observable - Best practices for monitoring serverless ✨Speaker ✨ Erez is the CEO & co-founder of Lumigo, a startup focusing on simplifying serverless applications troubleshooting, where the entire backend is… 100% serverless. Prior to founding Lumigo, Erez was the R&D director of cloud products at Check Point, heading the company’s cloud strategy & execution. Twitter handle: @erezberkner --- ✨Talk (2): Serverless and the role of DevSecOps - by TJ Gonen (@tsiong) ✨ There are ample benefits such as lower compute costs and simplified operations, by moving to serverless not to mention the increase in application velocity. Sadly, however, the traditional AppSec approach is incompatible with this switch as it takes time and can slow things down, negating the serverless benefit of rapid feature deployment. This leaves teams in a quandary. Developers can’t possibly keep up with the hyper-accelerated velocity they themselves created if they need to wait on security to open ports, IAM roles, or security groups for them. While security pros don’t want to get in the way of the developers, they still need the ability to control policy and visibility. In this talk you will: 1) learn why serverless needs a close partnership between Dev & AppSec 2) understand how to redesign security controls, so devs have control while being prevented from creating risk 3) Discover tools & processes to support collaboration ✨Speaker ✨ TJ Gonen, CEO and co-Founder at Protego Labs Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tgonen Twitter: @tsiong Prior to co-founding Protego, Tsion served as Chief Strategy Officer for Gemalto’s Identity and Data Protection Division, where he was responsible for developing global business and product strategies, and identifying and capitalizing on emerging market trends within the information security market. Prior to assuming his role as Chief Strategy Officer, he oversaw SafeNet’s (acquired by Gemalto in 2014) Data Protection product portfolio strategy and execution. Tsion joined the company in April 2009 from Aladdin Knowledge Systems, where he led the company’s global sales and marketing efforts. Prior to that role, he led Aladdin’s Content Security business unit. --- Food & Beverages: Snacks (also vegan) and drinks (water, non-alcoholic and beer/wine) supplied by our sponsor Akelius. Code of Conduct: As creative, intellectual adults we expect a welcoming and respectful behavior at the event. In order to learn more details please check out the Berlin Code of Conduct (http://berlincodeofconduct.org/) which we follow and support.

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