Applying Chaos Engineering to build resilient Serverless Applications

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3rd floor - The entrance will be clearly marked with signs, front door will be open, you'll see a greeter downstairs.

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18:30 doors open, gathering and socializing
19:00-ish: welcome then talk starts
afterwards more socializing

✨Talk (~35 mins) : Applying Chaos Engineering to build resilient Serverless Applications - by Emrah Samdan (@emrahsamdan) ✨

Serverless applications are the epitome of highly distributed microservices applications. Execution happens everywhere – both inside and outside the serverless compute environment. For example, your functions could be triggered by an external service, then execute some code within AWS Lambda, then send a request over to a database, which then requires AWS Lambda to perform an update in a second data store. You might be able to predict and design for certain troublesome issues but there are many, many more that you probably will not be able to easily plan for. How do you build a resilient system under these highly distributed circumstances? The answer is chaos engineering. Join us as we walkthrough:

- The unique challenges of building a highly resilient serverless app
- Why you need to design for problems you cannot predict and cannot easily test for
- How you can use chaos engineering to build a resilient serverless application
- How observability platforms like Thundra can help you understand system behavior and prepare for unpredictable failure scenarios

Live Demo (20 mins): It's not always straightforward to keep your stack healthy or even know if it's healthy or not. Emrah will make a walkthrough on the possible observability pitfalls and show how you can avoid them using Thundra.

✨Speaker ✨
Emrah Şamdan is the VP of Products at Thundra, a tool to provide serverless observability for AWS Lambda environments. With the development team, Emrah is obsessed with helping the serverless community with their debugging and monitoring effort both in production and during development. He is responsible for making trouble for the Thundra engineering team while finding solutions to ease the life of serverless teams.

Twitter handle: @emrahsamdan


There will be beverages (Mate, Cola, Sparkling water, beer) and snacks (also vegetarian and vegan).


Thanks to GraphCMS who sponsored the location, beverages and snacks.

GraphCMS is a headless CMS for the era of application content. GraphCMS is a modern headless content management platform that helps teams bring content to any channel. High-traffic publishing and marketing websites, multi-language e-commerce platforms, interactive mobile apps, voice apps – GraphCMS is the solid content infrastructure used by organizations like Discovery, Tchibo, Shure and DTM.


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