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Serverless Boston is a cloud agnostic group dedicated to education, shared experiences, and networking related to serverless architectures.

SGA (sga.com) is a proud founder, organizer, and sponsor.

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Thank you AWS for hosting! Please RSVP and stay tuned for the link. 1:00pm-1:15pm Welcome, Cloud/Serverless Introduction Wayne Scarano, sga.com, Founder, Cloud Strategy/Architecture/Security 1:15pm-2:15pm - Choosing between S3, EFS, and local storage for serverless applications James Beswick, Senior Developer Advocate, AWS Serverless When building with Lambda, you have a range of options for storing data in your applications. Understanding which storage method to choose can improve your application’s throughout, reduce latency, and lower cost. In this session, you’ll learn about the range of storage options available to you as a serverless developer. From durable object stores like Amazon S3 to ephemeral space in your execution environment, this session compares the options available and helps you make the right choice for your Lambda-based workloads. I’ll also cover the newest storage option, EFS for Lambda, and demo how this works. Learn the best practices around making good storage decisions, and discover patterns you can use to get the most from your serverless applications. 2:15pm-2:30pm - Q/A

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