Serverless London February Meetup


[Update 18/01/2017] Final Speaker Announcement

Joining James and Dave giving talks at the February Meetup will be Rafal Gancarz from Open Credo.

Rafal Gancarz (Open Credo) - Serverless for the Enterprise

As Serverless Computing is gaining more and more interest from individuals and companies small and large, it's not yet obvious how large-scale, enterprise-grade systems can be delivered using the Serverless Architectures.

In this talk I'll discuss how common Enterprise specific requirements and challenges can be addressed while building large systems using FaaS/Serverless stack on AWS.

If you're interested in talking at the March or April meetups please complete the form at . See you all in 2 weeks!

[Update 10/01/2017] Speaker Announcement

We've got two great talks for the first meetup of 2017

James Thomas (IBM) - Serverless Framework's Multi-Provider Support

Serverless Framework has recently introduced support for multiple serverless providers You can now deploy serverless applications to OpenWhisk, Google Cloud Functions and Azure Functions as well as AWS Lambda. This allows you to develop platform-independent serverless applications. James Thomas has been working on the OpenWhisk implementation. In this talk, he will introduce the new feature, show you how to run serverless applications on different providers and explain the challenges in developing platform-agnostic serverless apps

Dave Blooman (FundApps) - Lambda Deploys with Apex

On the face of it, Lambda is simple, write code in the AWS console and hit save, but there is a lot more to it than that with hundreds of Lambdas across several languages in different projects. Having a consistent deployment story is important to ensure production usage of Lambda.

Development of Lambda functions should also be a smooth experience, without having to jump back into the AWS console constantly. At FundApps, we use Apex to manage our Lambda functions from Dev to Prod. Dave will be talking about how Apex fits into the CI workflow, as well how it fits into a startup like FundApps

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We have space for one more talk at this meetup. If you're interested just drop me an email at [masked] or fill out the short form at .

We're also looking for additional sponsors, so if you're interested in sponsoring you can email [masked]

Stay Serverless!



It's a new year with new challenges ahead! With that we're rebooting the Serverless London User Group. There is a new website for the user group at , where you can sign up for the Serverless-Forum Slack channel (, submit a talk ( or check out our Code of Conduct ( We also have a twitter handle, so follow us at @serverlessLDN (

We're aiming for monthly meetups with a break over the summer and the Christmas period. Meetups will be the first Wednesday of every month, starting from 1 February.

We'll aim have 2 to 3 talks at each meetup, with a break giving you a chance to network.

18:30 - Doors Open & Networking

19:00 - Introduction

19:10 - Talk 1 - Submit a talk! (

19:35 - Talk 2 - Submit a talk! (

20:00 - Break

20:20 - Talk 3 - Submit a talk! (

20:45 - Close

onefinestay will be our gracious hosts, with the team from the Serverless Framework helping out. We are looking for more sponsors, if you're interested in getting involved just drop us an email at [masked]

Here's to a great 2017 and moving the Serverless community forward together!