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Serverless NYC is a cloud agnostic group dedicated to education, shared experiences, and networking related to serverless architectures.

SGA (sga.com) is a proud founder, organizer, and sponsor.

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Serverless NYC w/Allen Helton

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01:00pm-01:10pm ET - Welcome, Cloud/Serverless Introduction
Wayne Scarano, sga.com, Founder, Cloud Strategy/Architecture/Security

01:10pm-02:00pm ET - Next Gen Serverless: Build Better APIs with Step Functions
Allen Helton, Cloud Architect
Lambda has been around for a while. The serverless community has fully embraced them and uses them in a multitude of use cases. But over time, the Lambdas grow with increasing complexity, resulting in many operations being performed in a single function. With the recent SDK integration updates from Step Functions, you can now transform your giant Lambda workloads to lightning fast, cheap, easily maintainable workflows. With Step Functions you are given the option to perform tasks both synchronous and asynchronously, so you can optimize your workloads to stop paying for compute you don't need. Bonus points, say goodbye to cold starts!

Bio: Allen is a Cloud Architect at Tyler Technologies with a focus on serverless. He derives his experience from API design and optimization of cloud-native applications. Allen has been in the tech industry for 10 years and has acted as a lead developer, engineering manager, and now software architect. When he's not coding, you can find him running, working in his garden, or writing articles for his tech blog.

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Serverless NYC w/Yan Cui

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