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Serverless North East is a group for people involved in developing software to discuss what serverless is/isn't and how it can be used in application development. We will try to meet every month in the centre of Newcastle for a combination of talks and agile related activities. Anyone with an interest in cloud computing, uses AWS/Azure/Google or anything similar is welcome.

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Serverless Meetup 2

The Core

Securing Serverless APIs using Access Tokens - Steve Hobbs Discover how serverless APIs can be secured using access tokens from an authorization server. We’ll have a whirlwind tour through the popular authorization protocols (OAuth, OAuth2), Open ID Connect, Tokens and how to validate incoming tokens to your APIs. Join us for our second meetup where Steve from Auth0 will talk about how to secure your serverless API's. We're in The Core on the ground floor and will have pizza and beer sponsored by Grid Smarter Cities.

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Inaugural meetup

The Core

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