Turning Static Sites to Dynamic / Call Transcription & Sentiment Analysis in AWS

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📣Mark your calendars and join us on March 26 for an evening of talks and socializing! Special thanks to Myplanet (https://www.myplanet.com/) for providing the space, and Thundra (https://www.thundra.io/) for providing pizza and refreshments!


1. "Turning Static Websites into Dynamic" by Bhavana Srinivas (https://twitter.com/bhavana1110), Solutions Engineer at Netlify

In this talk, Bhavana will show us how to bring alive static sites with Functions. She will be diving into building sites the JAMstack way, along with demos on how to hook up these sites with Serverless Hello Worlds to more useful 3rd party services.

2. "Transcription and Sentiment Analysis Pipeline for Call Centre Recordings" by Mark McQuade (https://www.linkedin.com/in/mark-mcquade/), Cloud Solution Architect at Onica

AWS "This is My Architecture"-style talk, about stitching Serverless components to implement Audio Transcription and Sentiment Analysis Pipeline for a Call Centre client who was exploring the benefits of AI & Machine Learning (ML) in the Cloud.


6:00 PM - Doors open for networking & pizza
6:30 PM - Stand-up introductions, presentations, Q&A
8:00 PM - Manning Publications giveaway (https://www.slideshare.net/dzivkovi/serviceful-serverless-computing-topics/9), more networking
8:30 PM - See you all next time! 👋

Please bring along plenty of enthusiasm and questions - we're looking forward to a fun-filled night 🙂