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Serverless Summer Slam

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websta and László K.


Hey Serverless Scalers,

summer is coming and we are happy to have three phantastic speakers for our summer special.

The preliminary agenda is as follows:

  • Serverless <3 Node.js - "A Love Story" by Adnan Rahić

A romantic tale of an unexpected love between two young technologies, teaching how to create real-world apps with Serverless and Node.js.

Adnan Rahić is a JavaScript developer, teacher, and mentor. Developer Advocate at, author of "Serverless JavaScript by Example" and local leader at freeCodeCamp Sarajevo.

  • FN Project - CI/CD on the Open Source Container-Native Serverless Plattform FN by Maximilian Jerg

This talk will be about some lessons-learnt with Functions (Serverless) in combination with the major cloud vendors. Also, we will talk about why there is the need for an open source container-native serverless platform and do an Fn-Project live demo.

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  • Reactive Programming with Event Grid - Going Serverless all the Way by Christoph Wille

Events are everywhere in modern solutions - and although they are so important, you have to go to great lengths to get going before being productive: the infamous "plumbing" gets into your way. How about a solution that does all the event routing from to publisher to subscriber? Including registration, retry logic, monitoring as well as near real-time delivery built as a dynamically scaling platform as a service offering?

Azure Event Grid offers all of the above (and more) - and although being a relatively new service in Azure, quite a few services already publish to it. This means that for a lot of scenarios the old "hammer polling" and "exponential backoff" is a thing of the past, effectively saving money (compute and transactions) - which is obviously an important argument. However, Event Grid is not an Azure-services-only (or even Azure-only) solution: it serves well as a backbone for your applications-specfic events. Goodbye WebHook plumbing work, welcome push-push!

Christoph is MVP for Azure and publishes the code of his projects on (includes Windows as well Azure projects). He is an independent consultant, supporting companies in everything Windows and Web (he was ASP.NET MVP for ten+ years). Aside from working on his own projects, he is also involved in other OSS projects, such as ILSpy.

We are still searching for drink and food sponsors for this great event.

Looking forward seeing you,
Gerald and László

Pater-Schwartz-Gasse 11A, 1150 Wien · Vienna
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