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ServerlessDays Amsterdam is a developer-oriented conference about serverless technologies.

We believe in and encourage practical sessions, in which developers share their experience and lessons from real-world projects.

ServerlessDays Amsterdam is part of ServerlessDays (formerly JeffConf), a global series of events around the world fostering communities around serverless technologies.

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ServerlessDays Amsterdam Meetup

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Join us for the first edition of the ServerlessDays Meetup in 2020 at Xebia Academy! 18:00 Entry 18:30 Welcome 18:45 Marc Duiker - Dealing with complex workflows in serverless applications 19:30 Sara Gerion - Observability and resiliency patterns in the cloud 20:15 Drinks & Mingling 21:00 End --- Marc Duiker Marc is a lead consultant at Xpirit with a strong focus on event-driven architectures. He has extensive knowledge of the serverless offerings in the Azure platform and he enjoys helping organizations making effective use of cloud-based technology. In his spare time, Marc likes to give attention to the creative part of his brain. He likes to code visuals, music, and retro games, or he's fiddling around with his synthesizers. Dealing with complex workflows in serverless Running one or two serverless functions is easy. But what if you're rebuilding a complex workflow based on serverless that requires dozens of functions. How do you design and manage that? In this session, I'll cover building complex long-running workflows using Azure Durable Functions, an extension to Azure Functions that lets your define workflows in code (C# or JavaScript). Durable Functions allow you to: - Easily chain functions together, - Perform fan-out/fan-in scenarios, - Wait for external events, - Use built-in support for retry policies to achieve a resilient architecture. --- Sara Gerion Sara is a backend software engineer in DAZN, a global platform that streams sport events. She contributes to the design, development, deployment, and monitoring of microservices that power part of DAZN core functional logic and operations. Before DAZN, Sara worked for almost 4 years in the glamorous, fast-paced, ever demanding world of advertising. She has led dozens of backend applications featuring global, complex, highly-trafficked REST API's for brands and entities like Southwest Airlines, Adidas, Puma, Heineken, and even the Dutch Government. Observability and resiliency patterns in the cloud While observability empowers developers to be in full control over their owned services, resiliency relies on observability to automate failure handling. In DAZN, using metrics to monitor the known and, even more importantly the unknown is fundamental to build resilient applications. I will show some examples of the steps that can be taken to ensure that your own micro-services are healthy and resilient on different layers of your (serverless) architecture.

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