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ServerlessDays Amsterdam
ServerlessDays Amsterdam
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Join us for the second edition of the ServerlessDays Meetup in 2020 at Effectory!

Food will be served at the meetup, with omnivore, vegetarian and vegan options.

18:00 Entry
18:30 Welcome

18:45 First speaker
Sven Al Hamad
How to build a serverless CMS
Ø Serverless brings many benefits. You get to focus more on business logic and less on infrastructure. You pay per usage, there are no headaches with scaling and servers to maintain and update.

But, it's not all daisies and roses in the serverless land.

In this talk, I will introduce the Webiny Serverless CMS and dive deeper into the challenges of building a serverless CMS. Challenges like managing large file uploads & downloads, DB connection pooling and avoiding zombie connections, performance optimizations, how to get around cold starts and improve page load times.

19:30 Second speaker
Nick van Hoof
A Serverless mindset - why ?!
Ø In this era software will make or break your company!
Software can be the differentiator you can use to stand out from your competitors. If you spend your money right, the cost that is software can become the means to generate revenue!
And now there is a technology and a mindset ready for you to take advantage of. Serverless helps you move quickly, innovate, speed up, be resilient and scale under pressure.
The serverless mindset is about doing less non-core stuff to help you focus on the core business value where you can make the difference!
Ø Allow me to show you my view of how this technology and mindset can help you focus on the core of your business.

20:15 Drinks & Mingling
21:00 End

About the speakers

Sven Al Hamad
Sven is the CEO and Cofounder of Webiny Serverless CMS. Previously heworked at Akamai where he consulted some of the top ecommerce and media companies in the UK on the topic of web performance and security. Sven also co-founded Kisha, the world's first smart umbrella.

Nick van Hoof
I’m a passionate software developer who loves to float around in the cloud.

Cloud technology really fascinates me. I have significant expertise with AWS and AWS serverless but appreciate other clouds just as well. I want to be ahead of change and thus I am also working with IoT and AI. There is always so much to learn, so many things to improve upon. And I love to share the things I learn. A lifetime of learning and teaching. I used to be a Math and Physics teacher, so I guess it’s in my blood.

On a personal note I'm also a big sportsman and love my everyday morning coffee :D

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