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Welcome to ServerlessDays Belgium! Join us for our first event ever!

We can't host a live event right now, so this will be a virtual (online) event. You can find us at:

19:00 - Welcome & intro to ServerlessDays
19:10 - Yan Cui ( Building a social network in under 4 weeks with AppSync, Lambda and DynamoDB
19:40 - Break / Q&A
19:45 - Alex DeBrie ( Pro-tips for implementing DynamoDB in serverless applications
20:15 - Q&A / Round-up

* Session #1 by Yan Cui (theburningmonk):
Serverless technologies drastically simplify the task of building modern, scalable APIs in the cloud, and GraphQL makes it easy for frontend teams to consume these APIs and to iterate quickly on your product idea. Together, they are a perfect combination for a product-focused, full-stack team to deliver customer values quickly. In this talk, we'll see how we built a new social network app in under 4 weeks using Lambda, AppSync, DynamoDB and Algolia. How we approached CI/CD, testing, authentication and lessons we learnt along the way.

* Session #2 by Alex DeBrie: Pro-tips for implementing DynamoDB in serverless applications

More than any other database, DynamoDB fits perfectly with serverless applications. The connection model, the provisioning mechanics, the billing model all make a great fit with the rest of your fully-managed services. But modeling with DynamoDB is different than with your traditional relational database. In this talk, we'll learn the key principles of a successful DynamoDB implementation in your serverless application.