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Service Design, ATX serves as a group for learning the nuances & complexities of the ever-ambiguous discipline, service design. Discourse will be limited & concise, focusing our efforts on learning by doing: applying strategies & theories from all disciplines to real design problems. We will collectively expand our knowledge & skill-sets through the analysis & design of intangible, holistic experiences. Whether a background in design, business, or management, this meetup will help anyone refresh their methods & tactics for problem-solving.

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Service Design Workshop Feedback

New Central Library

Come one, come y'all to a test run of a workshop we'll be hosting at Civic I/O, an innovation summit for city leaders during SXSW. We've been collaborating with the Danish Design Center and the OECD to produce an introduction to service design geared toward the roles of mayors and city managers. We expect between 15 and 30 mayors to participate in the workshop. We need your help to develop a few more aspects of the workshop and make sure the essentials of service design are well represented in the work. It'll be like a test/co-creation/critique session, where you'll play the role of mayor! Note: space is limited, but there are a few stages to the workshop, so we can switch people out between observers and participants if we have too many! Looking forward to receiving your great ideas and feedback!!!

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How to put your cart before your horse

The Brewtorium

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