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We have been a little quiet of late. We are undergoing a transition. Having gotten sucked into a more traditional way of applying service design we have decided to swim in the opposite direction. We’re taking a different direction in our application of creating experiences and avoiding getting stuck in methodologies, theory and over-engineered consulting solutions and outputs. We realised how un-human business has become. And it nearly broke us! So yes, we have thrown it all away and started over. We decided to create what we believe in. To feed our souls. And we have never looked back.

We decided we needed to be part of the change we weren't seeing. We discovered that we weren’t alone in our dissatisfaction with the status quo of the typical consulting approach to service design. So we just got right into it. We asked ourselves early on if we were over-committing. But then we said. “Screw it!” Let’s just give it a shot and see where it ends up. We didn’t know what we were getting into. We didn’t know what challenges we would yet face but we just got started. And that’s probably the best thing we could have done. We realised: don’t overthink things, Don’t try and think through every hypothetical future problem or challenge that we’ll face. Let’s just get started. Let’s use that initial motivation and inspiration, that original spark to try something new.

Before we knew it we met with a number of people who shared our beliefs.

We became business hackers. We use Service Design as a business hack to help businesses do better business.

You can find us over here: dna.co.za

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This is a group for anyone interested in service design, customer experience, and user experience. We started this group to share knowledge, tools, and conversations with fellow service designers. An open-minded, thought-leading, and innovative community.

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