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Designing for the planet and its people

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This month we are focusing on designing for our planet and its people. We'll cover topics from financial inclusion, prototyping future energy policies to tackling the climate crisis as a community. We'll discuss what we're currently doing, good practices in designing for the planet & what's our role as service designers in dealing with #ClimateCrisis.

We bring you fabulous talks from Ofgem, Idean and Snook!

Last year Ofgem received grant funding from the Regulators’ Pioneer Fund to try something new in regulation. At the same time, Ofgem teamed up with the Department of Business and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) to run a 'Future Energy Retail Market Review'.

They explored 2 burning questions:

  1. As the energy market evolves, we need to ensure that people are appropriately protected. How can we involve consumers in this design process?
  2. Can methods that are typically used to design new products and services bring value to a regulatory policy-making project? How do they need to be adapted?

The team will share their approach to inclusive design and research in this regulatory policy design project.


It is estimated that in total 25.6 million people (half of UK adults) display one or more characteristics of being potentially vulnerable (Financial Lives Survey 2017). All these people could be better supported and protected by more inclusive services that provide further guidance and access to relevant products. An inclusively designed financial service is one that enables everyone to use and enjoy the experience, no matter what their situation or background. Financial inclusivity enables people to better understand and manage money.

Katie will share how we can enable financial organisations to better support vulnerable customers through inclusive design. She’ll also be sharing some resources and tools that we are working on to support organisations to design inclusively.

Katie Wyburd is Strategy & Growth Director at idean. Katie has a keen passion for inclusive design and has been working to support various financial organisations to be further inclusive. Katie has also helped to drive the creation of inclusive design resources for organisations to use to help create inclusive impact.


Our current system is broken, both environmentally & socially. We need a collective rethink about what it means to be a human living on Earth, and how we treat our planet and each other. It is our collective responsibility as citizens and designers to do our part to spark urgency and influence conversations, commissioning, design, and delivery towards addressing the climate crisis head on, through the development of our practice. Together, Lucy & Becky will talk about the growing #designandclimate community that works to figure out how we as designers can adapt our existing tools and processes to make them more sustainable. Do they need to be replaced with new ways of working altogether? What might this look like and how can we prototype them? This is a rallying call to join the movement. The planet can't wait.

Lucy is a service designer at Snook where she works to make the world more human by designing sustainable services that value people & planet. Together with her colleagues Ness, Zoë and Izzy, Lucy founded the #designandclimate community that aims to incorporate the environment at every stage of everything that is 'designed’ and collectively shift our design practice to one that is more conscious and inherently sustainable.

Becky is Policy Lab's service & communications designer. Studying at the Royal College of Art in 2017 she co-founded SustainLab RCA to provide a cross-disciplinary space to encourage critical and ethical thinking about the role of artists and designers into the 21st Century. This theme has always guided her work, which she is now seeking to thread into her role in government and the design community.

See you all soon!
Peace & love from the service lab team!

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