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I created this group in hopes of creating a space for moms and dads who work in the service industry to talk, laugh, vent, have kid playdates, etc. Speaking for myself I've worked in the resteraunt/customer service industry most of my life and as a new parent sometimes other parents who work in different fields may not understand my dark humor, sassiness and sarcasm that comes from dealing with customers for so long while also having to be of service at home as well. When you work bizarre hours, when you work weekends, nights, holidays it's hard to connect with fellow parents who have the perfect cookie cutter image especially for those of us who already find it hard to connect with adults who have a normal work schedule/life. Hopefully this group can become a good outlet for those of you who need to talk, be listened to, make friends, your kids make friends, not be judged, have a good time, and to prevent any emotional/physical breakdowns that comes from being of servitude 24 hours a day.

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