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Did you read Jane Roberts' Seth Speaks or The Nature of Personal Reality and love it? I did too. I loved the people in our Seth readers' group in Portland, and when I moved away I missed them so much that I decided to form a new one here in Austin. I know there were many people associated with Dr. Maude Cardwell's Austin Seth Center at one time, and I would like to find you!
The Seth Material adds a fascinating dimension to understanding our physical and non-physical reality. Seth says “Consciousness creates form. It is not the other way around.  It is only because you are so busily concerned with daily matters that you do not realize that there is a portion of you who knows that its own powers are far superior to those shown by the ordinary self.” - Seth Speaks (Session 511, January 21, 1970)
The Seth Readers meetup each month are for those who have already read some Seth books.  If you haven't read any of Seth and Jane Roberts' books yet, please read Seth Speaks and The Nature of Personal Reality before attending.  Seth is not easy to explain, and reading the books is the best way to get acquainted with the basics of his ideas.
I have posted some files full of excellent Seth quotes on various topics and also summaries of all of Jane's books. To see them click on the "More" tab at the top of this page, then click on "Files".

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