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Seven Stars Acadmey provides comprehensive training programs for Lightworkers, healers, meditators and others to expand their consciousness, increase their coping capacity, and to assist in personal and planetary evolution at this time of rapid change.

Our main focus are Lightbody Activation processes, and in particular the New Encoding Patterns from Esoteric Acupuncture.
We offer both private and group activations, which include sound healing and shamanic/ceremonial aspects.

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Lightbody Activation: Discern the Whisper Pattern - THURS 20/02/20

A Lightbody Activation and values alignment process for accessing higher consciousness This Group Esoteric Acupuncture Experience uses the activation of 13 points (Gateways) on the body using acupuncture, vibrational medicine, sacred geometery and meditation in order to bring about a sense of alignment with your Higher Heart. This New Encoding Pattern, Discern The Whisper, which refers to the process of becoming internally still, to be better able to discern the whisper of the Heart, find your puzzle piece in life, cultivating that sense of peace and being 'at home' and in flow where ever you happen to be. This is achieved by the activation of the New Encoding Pattern "Discern the Whisper", which includes higher sensory perception and altered states work which allow for a shift in perspective. The Heart tends to speak softly, in a space of stillness. The Heart doesn't try and rationalise, justify itself, or turn up the volume to be heard. In addition, finding an internal alignment between heart and head, passion and purpose, karmic/genetic contract (ming) and spirits path (shen dao), is referred to as the 'inner marriage of the twin flames within'. Opening to integrity and internal alignment with the vibrations of Expanded Love in this way mean that your thoughts, words, actions and deeds naturally become more Loving, and as a result, your world becomes a better place to be in! This is a substantial process, and full session on treatment tables - with a limited number of places available You will find that the energies of Esoteric Acupuncture* in group healing setting are greatly amplified with common intention (*optional, non-insertive techniques available) What to expect: ~Introduction to esoteric acupuncture principles and the new encoding patterns ~ Explanation of gateways and geometries to be activated and encoded ~ informed consent ~ Smudging ceremony and Shamanic Drumming ~ group meditations, to set intention and build collective energy ~ Explanation of the points to be activated, and their purpose ~ Guided visualisation of sacred geometric field ~ Individual activation of points either by esoteric acupuncture, or non-insertive technique of choice (touch, crystals, tuning fork) ~ Deep meditation ~ Short chat and debrief at conclusion What to bring: ~ comfortable, loose fitting clothes (minimal/no undressing required); many of the points the pattern we will be using are on your back, and this will need to be exposed during the needling phase. ~ a readiness to connect with your divine purpose ~ small item such as a crystal/pendant/talisman for blessing(optional) TIME: Please respect the 7pm start, doors close (locked) at 7.05pm to ensure clear and safe boundary as a container for this work. Early arrival highly recommended. COST: $88 Discern The Whisper Pattern A small group and limited tickets means this event will sell out Bookings via Eventbrite https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/lightbody-activation-discern-the-whisper-pattern-thurs-200220-tickets-93249986219

Lightbody Activation Workshop at Esoteric Festival

Lightbody Activation Workshop at Esoteric Festival Embodied Sacred Geometry for the New Humanity As a species we are on the precipice of a quantum leap in consciousness, facing rapid evolutionary shifts on a personal and planetary scale. The development of New Human energetic systems (Lightbody) is essential to assist in adapting to the shifts through this emerging period of unprecedented rapid change. In this practical workshop you will learn Lightbody Activation techniques drawn from meditation, qigong, embodied sacred geometry, as well as the New Encoding Patterns from Esoteric Acupuncture. This process will aid you in gaining greater control of your own energetic alignment and calibration, assist you in developing a more detailed sense of subtle energies and field dynamics, increase coping capacity, and deepen your understanding of self and divine purpose. esotericfestival.com.au/workshops

Lightbody Activation: Cube-on-Cube PORTLAND

Sankalpa Mandir

LIGHTBODY ACTIVATION & NEW ENCODING PATTERN: CUBE – ON – CUBE A Group Esoteric Acupuncture and Sound Healing Experience In this Lightbody Activation and Sound Healing event we are working with the energetic scaffolding of higher consciousness. The meaning of Cube-On-Cube, an internal octave harmonic, is that the physical must support the spiritual. Opening the sixteen acupuncture points (gateways) that comprise this pattern, along with the related vectored sacred geometric forms, we create a deliberate harmonic resonance between these gateways and the Heart field, assisting in structuring an internal alignment: so that you naturally begin to see the world in a more loving and heart-centered way. The geometries also occupy the rational mind, so that it can more easily be transcended, thus allowing deeper content to emerge. In this space, people commonly feel deep relaxation, and can easily focus inwards and enter a reflective state. Many also experience a significant shift in consciousness, which may include phenomenon such as fractaling geometric visions, dream-like states, insights, messages or guidance. Profound emotional or psychological shifts can also occur as a result of these peak experiences. Full moon, Tuesday 10th March[masked]PM Investment: $88 (inc GST), VENUE: Sankalpa Mandir Yoga Studio—46 Francis St, Portland VIC with Relle Jasper, Sonic Harmony Sound Healing Therapy and Steven Booth - Transpersonal Acupuncture Tickets via eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/lightbody-activation-cube-on-cube-portland-tickets-91954413125

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