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This group is for CHILDLESS people ages 35 and up, in Sevier/Cocke/Jefferson counties. People keep getting confused - it means YOU NEVER HAD KIDS. Meetups will be in Sevier County (including Seymour and Kodak), but I would like to occasionally have some in Townsend, Dandridge, Cosby and Newport. (If you live in Knox or Blount county and don’t plan to drive to Sevier county, please don’t join!) Having a pet is not mandatory, but this group will be a haven for those of us who consider our pets our children. *If you have a unique situation (had children once, but don't now) and wish to join, please message me first via the meetup page.*

My husband and I moved here in 2006 and we wake up early and go to bed early. He won’t be attending the majority of meetups, but couples are very much welcome. I am an introvert but I enjoy meeting people and need more friends. I plan to have a dinner or coffee gathering once a month, and sporadic outings on Saturday and Sunday mornings/early afternoons. I enjoy doing things when everyone’s at church and it’s quiet. I like the outdoors (photography, short hikes, picnics), eating out, and exploring new or old places. [I love to kayak but only in still water, no currents.] I usually have a camera with me. I will always be aware of heavy traffic and will avoid those areas; meetups in Gatlinburg will be rare.

I am open to almost any idea if someone in the group wants to be an event host. For example, I don’t do much reading or crafts, but if someone wants to start a monthly book meetup, or crafting meetup, that’s fine with me. I have nothing against live music, bars, drinking, dancing and karaoke, but I won’t be hosting those events, I would need someone else for that. I will occasionally have dog friendly events.

This group is open to all, ESPECIALLY those who have no family here, feel ignored or like they don’t belong. I know what a culture shock this area can be to some, and how judgmental it can feel. Extremism, intolerance or hatred of ANY kind will not be tolerated. I read how people talk to each other in Facebook groups, it seems all kindness, respect and empathy are GONE. I’ve HAD IT with the inconsiderate, stubborn, heartless; therefore this will be the atmosphere of our group:

- We are a group who listens, shares and is respectful and considerate to all.
- We are a group that creates a safe, caring, non-judgmental environment for its members which means hot button topics will not be discussed. This means we're open-minded too, not easily offended.
- We are NOT an audience for one person who monopolizes the conversation talking or bragging about everything under the sun.

I have been an organizer of meetup groups since 2011 and so I know the nature of how things go. Lots of people join and hardly anyone participates. People RSVP and then are no-shows. It’s very frustrating yet it’s still the best way to meet people, for some of us. Meetup charges me $15/month so I may ask for a few bucks from time to time. The profile questions I ask are critical to the success of this group. I request your email so that I can contact you directly. Your profile picture must be a picture of you where I can recognize your face. People who do not attend anything or respond to my emails after 6 months will be removed. People who are no-shows twice will be removed - it only takes a second to change your RSVP if you suddenly cannot attend.

Once your membership is approved I will email you the link to our Facebook group.

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