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Why learn the skill of sewing?

Sewing is an important skill for you to learn and to have in the future.

With the impending responsibility to reduce our clothing consumption in order to combat climate change (the fashion industry is the 2nd most damaging industry to the environment).

It is important that we are well equipped repair our own clothing but also allow them the avenue to create their own clothing.

It is important that we instil an independence and build a toolkit of resilience and skills within ourselves for the future and to help alleviate the challenges facing us with climate change.

Hey 👋🏼

My name is Miriam Keegan and I am the 4th generation of dressmakers in my family. I have been studying Fashion Design and have a big interest in sustainable fashion.

I am continuously learning new skills and will be providing those during these workshops.

What you will learn:
• 🧵Hand sewing skills: Learning the basic hand sewing techniques will give you a strong foundation in sewing and future projects.

• ♻️Repair: From inserting zips to sewing a button, we will touch on the very fundamentals to sewing.

• 🎨Create: Opportunities to add individual designs will be possible from these workshops.

• 🌎 Sustainability: Learn, discuss and plan on new and inventive initiatives to combat climate change through one of the most damaging industries in the world.

• 👯‍♀️Community: Connect and collaborate with like-minded individuals with a focus on sewing and a goal of sustainability in mind.

What we be creating during the workshops?

These workshops will enable you to learn the valuable skill of various hand sewing techniques and will be a creative way for you to express your individuality.

These exciting workshops will be creating seasonal crafts to help establish hand sewing skills in a fun and design forward way.

Over the coming weeks you will be creating crafts that you will cherish and refer to for a long time to come.

I really look forward to meeting you and broadening your skillset for living a more sustainable life - stylishly 💃🏻

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