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This is a group to meet once a month to discuss sex positive issues. Sex positivity is an attitude towards human sexuality that regards all consensual and healthy sex as a positive thing. It does not mean you necessarily have a kink or alternative lifestyle. Sex positives range in the spectrum from happily married couples having traditional sex (whatever that is) , to experimenters, to polyamory, to alternative lifestyles, to BDSM, to swingers, to asexuality. It's about not hiding who you are.

Singles, Couples, Gay, Straight, Lesbian of all interests are welcome. This is meant to be a safe place to discuss sexuality, relationships and issues. This is a no-judgement zone. No topic is off limits- however it is vital that everyone who comes to the Meetup, respects the mutual security of all attendees. Like Vegas, what is discussed in Sex Positive Meetup, stays in Sex Positive Meetups. As we all have lives, jobs, and our own type of relationship with the community, we will respect all members need for discretion.

Let's make Cincinnati a more sex-positive city! This is something that we get to shape together. Activities like cuddle parties, bar visits, tantra workshops, dancing, classes, whatever are possibilities. We ask each member to make a suggestion and lets see what happens! Events will range from social and discussion to active participation of a more sexual nature. We encourage each member to participate only in those they feel comfortable. We will encourage you to explore your boundaries, but we will NEVER pressure you to do something you are not interested in.

In order to keep the group active, we will remove inactive members (typically after 8-12 months of inactivity).

So, just to be clear- this is not a place for trolling or hookups. Its about sincerely interested people who want to have a forum to discuss what they are looking for an want from their sexuality. Good conversation and networking is highly encouraged! Like I said- lets see what happens! What do you have to lose?

At this time the group is 18+ due to the graphic nature of discussions and events.

We do have a $5 annual membership fee. This is to prevent fake "joins" and to help cover the cost of the meetup platform. It can be paid online or in person. If you have questions about this, please message the organizer. This also helps validate age.

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A few group rules:


1. NO TROLLING FOR HOOKUPS. If you meet people and click and it happens, no worries. But this is not a forum to find hookups or dates and any behavior like this will get you booted.

2. NO CREEPER OR STALKER LIKE BEHAVIOR. If anyone is uncomfortable with your behavior and you persist, you're gone. No second chances. This goes for messages or in person. Likewise, if someone makes you uncomfortable you have to be comfortable voicing a "no" so this policy can be enforced.

3. NO JUDGEMENT OR DISRESPECT OF OTHER MEMBERS. We all like sex. We all like different sex. As long as it's consensual, do not make someone feel like what they like is gross or wrong... that defeats the point of the group.


5. IF YOU NO SHOW, YOU WILL BE REMOVED. Time, energy, and finances go into planning events. We don't mind if you can't go, but show enough respect to change your RSVP so we can hold the correct amount of seats. No shows are difficult not only on the leaders of the group, but also on the venues the make arrangements for us, or the members who can't sign up because the spots are taken. (If it happens once, we will offer you grace if you desire to come back but will ask for a $5 donation to the group to know you're serious about participation.)

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