What we're about


This group is NOT a dating or hookup site or a place to post personal ads.

Sex Positive Singapore ("SPS") aims to provide social, sensual and sexy events for sex-positive women, couples and high-quality vetted men.

Do you like:

• Socials

• Cuddle parties

• Outings

• Sleepovers

• Dinners

• Body painting

• Group massage

• Sensation play

• and lots more...

We are pleased to receive applications to join from people who live in alternative lifestyles. The purpose is not to promote or advocate any activity or lifestyle, instead, we provide a space where we can all learn about different lifestyles and activities in a non-judgemental way.

All genders, orientations and lifestyles are welcome.


Our events are super safe! We don't tolerate or put up with men or women getting out of hand… no means no at our events and there's a no touching policy unless someone asks.

Building connections between different lifestyles

We aspire to be a friendly and welcoming community of people who have a genuine interest in learning more about human sexuality and to support the open exchange of ideas.

We would like the different lifestyle communities to build and strengthen their links with each other.

It should be a safe space for people who live alternative lifestyles and, at the same time, be welcoming for men, women and couples who are sex positive and who are looking to learn.

We can be an entry point for people who are too nervous to go to a Kink workshop or even an adult toy store.


Our group is suitable for sex-positive men, women and couples who are interested in having frank and open discussions about human sexuality.

People from the following communities are warmly welcomed at our meetings:

• Kink community

• Swingers

• Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual, Trans people

• Polyamorous

• Tantra

• Naturism

• Sex bloggers, writers, educators

• Sex Positive men, women and couples

We like to have fun without reservation so we take membership very seriously! Keeping the community growing and connecting positively takes work. Membership approval depends on your openness in answering the questions, whether you are a good fit with our community, whether you included an actual photo of yourself, and membership balance (gender, orientation, experiences, skills you can lend to the group, etc.) If you are waiting more than a week, please consider learning more about the group by reviewing the group documents (what we're about), messaging with more detail in your answers to the questions, adding a photo of yourself, highlighting your assets/skills/experiences/orientation-fluidity, and/or joining with a female friend.

Also note that as part of Meetup we are bound by their Terms of Service - http://www.meetup.com/terms/ (see especially sub-section https://www.meetup.com/guidelines/?subnav=usage )*

Advice and Guidance

We hope our events will provide a friendly and welcoming environment to ask for and receive advice and guidance from people within your lifestyle, or to see how people from other lifestyles handle common issues that arise.

Straight Men

Acceptance rates for straight males are very low.

Please be above average in as many qualities as possible. This is what we are looking for in straight males:

• Respectful (other people's boundaries, lifestyle choices, sexually orientation etc)

• Well groomed and dressed

• Good communication skills

• Have skills that are beneficial to the group

• Participate in alternative lifestyles or show a genuine interest

• Bi-curious or, at the minimum, Bi-friendly

• Willing to help or volunteer

No-Show Policy

Don't RSVP if you are not coming. Remove your RSVP from the list if you will not be attending.

Multiple no-shows will result in you losing your membership.

Inactive members, members that have not contributed to the group in over 6 months will be removed. You may rejoin if you wish to contribute again.

Unsolicited Emails

If anyone sends you an email that is not from one of the group organisers promoting an event or asking for your email, please report them right away so I can delete them. Harassment of members will not be tolerated.


Please report to the group organisers any members who send you rude emails asking for sex, etc. This is not allowed or tolerated in our group and they will be deleted right away. In order to stop them, you need to report them.

Offensive Profile Pics

Offensive Profile Pics will be deleted...this isn't Adult Friend Finder.

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