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Busting myths about the female orgasm

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    Sex Science Enthusiasts are passionate about sex education, sex-positivity, and sex science. Every day we are bombarded with inaccurate, moralistic, and pseudo-scientific information and advice about sex and relationships. How do you figure out what's true and what's not? Join Dr. Zhana and her Sex Science Enthusiasts Meetup to stay up to date about her upcoming socials, lectures, and workshops. She’ll also have a special guest to provide their expertise, or just make things more fun. Don’t miss these awesome opportunities to take your sex education to the next level, ease your sexual concerns, answer your questions, and meet like-minded friends!

    Dr. Zhana is a sex researcher, NYU professor, and writer with a passion for bringing accurate sex science to the modern world. She’s doing the work of sifting through the long, complicated research papers to bring you the key takeaways with real-world application. She draws from current, interesting, and useful topics based on research published in peer-reviewed, academic journals about anything from porn to polyamory to help you make sense of your own sexuality, clear up confusion, discuss things you don’t feel comfortable asking your friends about, and help you navigate the diverse and fascinating world of sex.

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