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Sexuality touches almost all facets of human behavior. Yet it is one of the most difficult subjects to talk about! Across the world, sex affects society in ways that are both positive and negative. But it is not a subject for polite discussion.

This discussion group looks at problems facing society related to sexual dysfunction as well as practical ideas for solutions.

We began this group as part of Sex Positive Portland, where we continue to host discussion groups. We discovered that many ordinary people like to talk intellectually about sex in a way that is educational, consensual, polite, safe, fun and social.

As a result, we started this discussion group as a separate meetup, open to the public!

Each monthly discussion group looks at a different aspect of sexuality as it impacts religion, culture, the media, psychology, violence and so on. A full list of our sex and society topics can be found at: https://SextoSavetheWorld.org .

We discuss practical sustainable solutions to some of the unhappy consequences of dysfunctional sexuality in the world today.

This is not a 'debating' group where there are 'winners' or 'losers'. We have created a structure that brings back the joys of communication; what the French call l'art de la conversation (https://sextosavetheworld.org/eco-sex-discussion-group/the-art-of-conversation/)!

In these times, where people often shout their opinions at each other, it can be refreshing to have genteel, civilized, funny and entertaining conversations with different kinds of people about the most controversial subject in the world, sex!

We try to create a safe container for participants to feel comfortable enough to communicate freely with differing political views, religious beliefs and sexual orientations.


We live in a politically correct world that sometimes stifles honest conversation. And sex is one of the most politically incorrect subjects there is!

Our purpose is education and communication about the sensitive subject of sexuality.

In order to do this we create a ‘safe container’ for open, friendly discussions:

1) We engage in our right to free speech but respect this safe space for open discussion.
2) We agree to be polite and not to tolerate hostile language or behavior.
3) We understand this is a social and not a dating meetup. However, if participants wish to meet personally with mutual consent that is fine!
4) We understand that the purpose of this group is to enjoy and learn! Sex is a fun and funny subject. Don’t be afraid to laugh!

The subtle distinctions between politeness, personal responsibility and free speech allows a diverse group of participants to feel comfortable expressing themselves and sharing their views.

Honest meaningful conversations can challenge our beliefs. In many cases, personal growth and development emerge from these free-flowing uncensored conversations.



It costs nothing to join and you only pay to attend discussion groups on subjects that interest you!

We offer Military & Student Discounts as well as volunteer options (https://sextosavetheworld.org/portland-sex/sex-positive-feminist-volunteer/)for those who would like to attend for free.

This is a social meetup. There will be a few minutes free before and after so that participants can chat over light snacks which are provided!

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