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"I have experienced two workshops led by Elaine and Kai. For me the workshops were very powerful experiences that encouraged me to step past barriers to a more fully alive experience. The essential descriptors that come to mind are ; safety, professionalism, invitation, non-judgement, connection, honesty, generosity. I am delighted I stepped past my own resistance to step fully into the space and experience what Kai and Elaine offer. I'd encourage anyone else who might be at a similar resistance point to jump into the safe exploration space Kai and Elaine hold. AS, Ireland".

This group is for those interested in Sexological Bodywork, Somatic Sex Education and Coaching.

What does this mean?

This means those of you who desire to expand your knowledge, understanding and your bodily lived experience of human sexuality. You will learn about Orgasmic Yoga Practice (mindful self pleasuring) sexual anatomy and physiology, sexual arousal, the issues that limit your sexuality both physical and psychological , breathwork, sexuality based meditations and bodywork techniques. The aim is to free ourselves of fear and limiting beliefs while expanding your capacity for a healthy sexuality, positive body image and a capacity greater pleasure. We will explore the sexology of the body and mind, looking at and challenging the patterns and habits of masturbation and love making.

The group will meet monthly in London for evening or weekend sessions. You will receive short lecture on the event topic before having a body based experiential session or a guided meditation of an experience. Some of the sessions will be based on working alone and later in the series some may involve working with others. This will be a safe well held environment within which to explore your edges with full choice over how much or little you take part in the experiential part of the sessions.

What is a Sexological Bodyworker?

Sexological Bodyworkers are somatic sex educators, supporting individuals, couples and groups to learn to direct their own erotic development, learn about their bodies, sex and sexuality, or work through sexual issues or concerns.

We offer experiential learning opportunities that consciously access profound ecstatic and erotic states. Our teaching involves a variety of instructive modalities, including breathwork, touch, erotic massage, pelvic release work, scar tissue remediation, and Orgasmic Yoga coaching.

One of the somatic realms that Sexological Bodyworkers introduce to our students is a state of arousal that is free of fantasy, unfinished emotional business, religious dogma, cultural caveats and habitual sexual behaviors. In this meditative state, an individual becomes aware of the body as a source of wisdom and freedom. One of the ways to access this fecund state is by actively receiving a Taoist Erotic Massage. Helping others access and make use of a variety of erotic states is foundational to the education we offer.

For more information on Sexological Bodywork click here (http://www.sexologicalbodywork.com/doku.php)

Elaine Young

Elaine is a Tantra, Shamanic Breathwork & Bodywork Facilitator. She currently facilitates workshops private clients sessions in London. Elaine has a particular interest in transformational bodywork and breathwork, emotional release, ego freedom, embracing your inner warrior, reclaiming your power and creativity, grief healing, Self Love, somatic sex coaching, conscious kink, integration of the masculine and feminine, reclaiming your Shadow and Tantric Rituals.

Elaine is a Certified Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator & Ordained Shamanic Minister, a Tantra Educator, Urban Tantra Professional Graduate and is currently developing her Sexological Bodywork and Somatic Sex Coach practice. Elaine is a faculty member of ISTA International School of Temple Arts.

Kai Helmich

Kai is foremost a seeker of wisdom, a coach, a guide and passionate somatic Sex Educator and Sexological Bodyworker. Kai lives for an ever expanding ability to be intimate and feel the deep connection of belonging and being connected, firstly to oneself as it builds the foundation to live authentic, to be compassionate, to be of service to others and to give from an open heart.

"My heart is my teacher, the things that I see in the world (projections) are my lessons."

Kai is a certified Personal & Business Coach, specializing in spirituality, intimacy and sexuality. His influences come from Tantra, the International School of Temple Arts, William Whitecloud's Meet your Genius and diverse other teachings from around the world.

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