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Welcome to this very LGBTQ+ friendly forum for all adults who desire to share from the heart, in a sex-positive community of sisterhood, brotherhood, and sibling-hood in Europe!

Events here promote humans gathering together in an authentic expression of the dance of life, love, sex, and eros within them!

Sexuality & Soul Play hosts workshops and courses designed to empower adult humans to deeply connect with themselves and one another. These events explore what it is to live in your body from a place of power and surrender. Our events model community based on a ‘shared power’ paradigm, which supports and elevates each and every individual in embodying their unique greatness, and living in their freedom.

At a Sexuality & Soul Play event you can expect to playfully dive into your relationship with your own body and sexuality through movement, breath, touch, bodywork, meditation, process work and ritual practices rooted in earth-based/shamanic spirituality, and that emphasize the transformative cycles of life. You’ll also enjoy conscious relationship practices in a sex-positive environment, whilst exploring the underlying themes of human experience expressed in mythology! Yes, our events often begin with a mythological story and unpack various archetypes and how they live within you, as they progress!

Sexuality & Soul Play facilitators provide a welcoming, supportive, safer space & environment, and are passionate, sensitive, confident, creative communicators, who are ever evolving in their own human experience.

Join this group and enjoy heartwarming, transformational events that invite you to more nourishingly engage with yourself, your body, your sexuality, others, and life!

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.” - Unknown source.

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Cosmic Sexuality - Grounded Spirit !

Leipziger Yoga Netzwerk e.V.

Sexual shamanic work, sexological bodywork, tantra and deep process work - Workshop with Sadhu Valakhylias and Tanya Rozenthal A weekend of landing and expanding your presence and sexuality in your body! Come home to your body as the vehicle for your relationship with life as a sexual, creative and alchemical experience! In this 2 day workshop you’ll be supported in cultivating your body as a vessel to contain and hold a more limitless experience of your sexuality and a more grounded experience of your spirit. You’ll explore the art of anchoring expanded states in your body, and of meeting the force of your sexuality as a gateway to greater freedom, to owning your bigness as an energy being, and to evolving out of self limiting belief systems & life paradigms! ​ You’ll examine the ways in which our longstanding cultural disconnection between sexuality and spirituality lives within you. You’ll move through processes to bridge these places of disconnection and reclaim your sexuality and spirituality as intimately interrelated. ​ Sadhu and Tanya will guide you through shamanic ritual, breathwork, energy & bodywork, and deep process work, to support you in landing the cosmic wisdom of your sexuality in your body. Return your sense of belonging to yourself and in the world, as sexual, spiritual and welcomed by life! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ About Sadhu and Tanya: Tanya and Sadhu love to share their gifts as space holders and facilitators of deep process work. They bring a rich fusion of experience in sexual shamanic work, sexological bodywork, tantra and embodiment practices, working with both individuals and groups. They are playful love pirates riding the sea of transformation, each devoted to their own individual heart expanding journeys. They are grounded, creative and committed to authentic human expression. ​You can read more about Sadhu at www.ExaltedHeart.com and Tanya at www.ItsAboutLove.nl ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ IMPORTANT POINTS This is a very LGBTQIA Friendly event! All adults of all gender identities and sexual preferences are welcome. This event involves optional nudity and erotic touch. You are never required to touch or be touched by someone you don’t wish to share touch with, or be touched in any way that is not of your choosing. In this workshop we ask you to take full responsibility for the choices you make in how you participate. We will work with erotic energy outside of sexual interaction and attraction. This deep process work does not require participants to be attracted to one another. ​ We ask that you always stay within your own boundaries and create an experience that honours the boundaries of each person you work with. We also invite you to allow yourself to be surprised, and open to exploring the possibilities of experience you can create when you let go of preconceived ideas. ​ Organized by the Temple of the Goddess in Leipzig Venue: Yogaladen Leipzig, Stephan-Zweig-Str[masked] Leipzig, Germany Prices / Super Early bird: 180 € for the first 5 participants Early bird: 220 € until 20th August Full price: 260 € after 20th August and if there is still space Book your place now: [masked] www.tempeldergoettin-leipzig.com Cancellations and refunds: Cancellations made more than 28 days in advance of the event will receive a full refund minus a €25 administration fee. Cancellations made 28 days or less before the event will be charged in full. Late cancellation fees apply except in unavoidable circumstances, in which case Tanya and Sadhu may, at their own discretion, give a full refund (minus a €25 administration fee) or transfer your payment to a future event.

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