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This meetup is led by Rabbi Dov Gartenberg and reflects his passion for Shabbat and the practice of hospitality. Rabbi Dov, who is the convener for "New Faces"-Panim Hadashot, brings unique Shabbat experiences to hosts all around Seattle. He has formed the unique ensemble, Heart of Shabbat, which comes to homes to bring a Shabbat experience of Jewish music, song, storytelling, Torah discussion, feasting, and great hevreh (untranslatable Hebrew approximating the word fellowship).

This meetup is for people who share this passion or who want to discover the joy of Shabbat and of sharing it with others.

Our approach to Shabbat is inclusive. We play music on Shabbat and will travel to homes and common rooms all around Seattle to share in a Shabbat celebration.

We love to foster the joy of Shabbat (oneg Shabbat) through our gatherings and to rediscover the sense of community through song and hospitality and the spirituality of Shabbat.

Who is this for?

• you are curious about the Jewish Sabbath?

• you are familiar with Shabbat, but want to rediscover it's meaning

• you tired of the constant stress of modern life

• you would like to meet people in meaningful and positive settings

• you want to give your kids *if you have them) a spiritual foundation

• you and your partner are looking for a spiritual practice to do together.

You can learn more at about http://www.panimhadashot.org or feel free to contact the organizer, Rabbi Dov Gartenberg

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Musical Shabbat in Carkeek Parke

Carkeek Park Piper Creek Picnic Area

Havdallah Tisch, Melaveh Malkah

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Shabbat in Carkeek Park

Carkeek Park Piper Creek Picnic Area

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