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Welcome to Toronto's Shakespeare meet-up! Each month we discuss a different Shakespeare play; people are invited to share their ideas and perspectives. We also have a drink, and those who choose to can have a meal as well! As summer draws closer, we focus on the Shakespeare plays being produced at Stratford in the upcoming season.

The club looks at a broad mix of plays -- well-known and little-known; tragedies, comedies, histories, and late romances; popular ones and more obscure ones -- all in a totally irrational and unpredictable mix. We may also do the poems at some point in the future, if people are interested. 
And we do the occasional movie, too.

We look forward to meeting you!

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Henry IV, Part 1

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The First Part of Henry IV is the second play in the tetralogy that began with Richard II, though it’s debatable whether Shakespeare actually planned to write a sequel at each stage in the sequence, as they’re related only loosely, by broad themes, and as the plays can all stand alone.

Despite its title, the play is much less about Henry IV than it is about his son, Prince Hal, the soon-to-be Henry V, and it can be read as a sort of parable on the making of a king. It can also be read as a sort of creation myth of the English nation. What are some of the political themes in the plays? What about the personal themes? How does the play relate to Richard II? What kind of person is Hal, and how does he relate to the other characters? What is Falstaff like? What’s with all the talk about honour?

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The Taming of the Shrew

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