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Shakti Bliss returns!

In ancient times, and still to this day, Wombyn all around the world have celebrated the cycles of Moon, and especially gathered around the New Moon, or the Black Moon, to Dream, to Pray, to Dance and to amplify each other’s Feminine Powers and Intentions.

On this coming New Lunar Cycle, we shall come together to celebrate, to plant the seeds of intentions and to anchor ourselves within our Bodies with a Sacred Sisterhood Dance Ritual ♥ Imagine a space co-created by Loving Sisters for the exploration of your inner Priestess Powers. A place for all womyn to celebrate the Goddess within everyone and everything.

SHAKTI BLISS is an experience for Wombyn to remember their Truth; to remember the inherent Power that they have in connecting to their Bodies and following their Pleasures and deepest desires. Together we unite to heal and reconnect to our Bodies and Feminine Nature and Wisdom ♥

Ecstatic dance as a meditation. When we dance, we go beyond the mind and beyond our own individuality to become one in divine ecstasy with the cosmic force. This cosmic energy is SHAKTI KUNDALINI is Life Force Energy, it is the energy of creation and Bliss. In connecting to the Earth and to this Force within them, Wombyn naturally reconnect to their essence and power.

Aiesha Bristol AKA SoulSis will be our Music Alchemist for our New Moon Dance Ritual Journey. She will be blending music from around the world, in a variety of genres. Aiesha is known for her ability to intuitively capture what moves the room and for augmenting her sets with LIVE PERCUSSION. Her VOCAL PERFORMANCES evoke expansion through soulful improvisation and she looks forward to contributing to the Soundbath Meditation in collaboration with Alaya Love.
Here’s an example of Her Ecstatic Dance sets: https://www.mixcloud.com/s-aiesha-bristol/ecstatic-dance-aiesha-soulsis-1-hour-mix/

We hope to offer a space where wombyn can express this Cosmic Energy and Embody their own Goddess Female Power. A place of Non-Judgement and 100% support amongst Sisters and Friends. We wish to promote the CommUnity of incredible Wombyn in Toronto who inspire each other and support one another in expressing themselves fully and Fiercely.

For the event, your entire Being shall be celebrated! The Dance is Topless Optional ♥ Feel free to Dress as your Inner Goddess feels like 💜🌹💜

~ New Moon Manifestation & Intention by Clarity Barton
~ Guided Sensual Movements & Sounds by Vasanti Kea
~ Ecstatic Dance DJ & Live Music by S Aiesha Bristol
~ Goddess Nourishment & Delightful Sensual Pleasures
~ Optional Goddess Portrait by Brittney Guimond
~ Body Painting for Body Love
~ Relaxing Sound Bath Meditation with Alaya Love & Aiesha B.
~ Optional Rapé (Sacred Plant Medicine) Ceremony with Virginia Mastrangelo

~ $30 Early Bird Tickets (until November 25th)
~ $35 Advance Tickets
~ $40 cash at the door

Advance Ticket on Eventbrite:

* Financial assistance available upon request, please contact Clarity Barton directly (clarity.barton@gmail.com)

We look forward to gathering for a night of Sister Love and Ecstatic Bliss
♥ ♥ ♥


Clarity Barton is a High Priestess, Tantrika, Women's Empowerment Leader and Spiritual Coach. Her inner guidance and body wisdom guides her to perform and participate in regular Tantric, Shamanic and Goddess Rituals. Clarity strongly believes in the medicine of the Human Touch & Play in order to open the energetic Heart and Connect with each other. She has been sharing this passion with others by facilitating Tantric Workshop for couples, Partner Yoga and Thai Massage Workshops. Clarity hosts Women's Circles during which she cultivates her awareness of the Power of the Divine Feminine and tunes into Shakti Kundalini energy used for Spiritual Awakening. Her circles have helped hundreds of women to feel empowered on their journey and to find deeper connection with themselves and with others.

Vasanti Kea embodies Tantra & Eros with a uniquely inspiring spark. For the past 10 years, through experiences with indigenous healers, she has acquired powerful modalities to encourage inner harmony. She is an Energetic Bodyworker & Medicine Womban, Massage Therapist and Hatha Yoga Teacher. Vasanti is a vibrant seeker of truth, using Tantra and Sacred Sexuality as avenues of meditation and divine exploration. She has empowered hundreds of people to restore the peace and luminosity between the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. The arts of Tantra, Medicinal Pleasure and Conscious Relating are passion in her life. She has been facilitating workshops and events internationally for 3 years.

Aiesha Bristol (AKA SoulSis) is inclusive, inviting, and inspirational - an artist of transformation. As a Singer, Songwriter, Percussionist, DJ and Workshop Facilitator, Aiesha helps people tap into their inner power by finding their voice through creative expression. She has a natural gift for creating community and views the ecstatic dance journey as a form of sacred ceremony in which participants have an opportunity to let go of resistance and connect deeper to themselves and each other.

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