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The Spirit Warriors studio is located in our historical home in Hollywood, Florida and is open to the Community for spiritual events, holistic classes, conscious workshops, yoga, and other healthy endeavors.

Some of us chose — before we were born — to help this world awaken to its highest potential. The journey of the Spirit Warrior begins by awakening that potential within ourselves in order to better help those around us. Spirit Warriors is committed to nurturing our community’s highest potential, beginning with YOU– whether you are looking for personal enrichment and self-healing, or you have a class or workshop you’d like to offer.

Our vision is to promote peace of mind, happiness, mutual acceptance and respect. We would like to facilitate the building of strong social connections among like-minded people of our local community who could use a break from the stress and madness of the modern-day world and the illusion of the reality of sensory experience, in favor of a vibration more ancient– that serves your higher self and the conscious collective.

Spirit Warriors is a space for sharing, learning and listening, where we can all unite and become one.

Mi casa es tu casa.

Guadalupe Rios, Founder

Prem Sandesh, Co-Founder

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Devotional VIbrations: Honoring of Martin Luther King Jr

On Martin Luther King Jr., Day January 21st at 7:00PM @spiritwarriorshollywood, give us the opportunity to serve you. Spirit Warriors is an intimate space that will be filled with the healing vibrations of the Gong. This is our service to you. Our way of giving back. Our way of showing love and devotion to the Divine by facilitating in your spiritual growth, by providing an evening of loving vibrations. “If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way.” – Martin Luther King Jr. Martin Luther King Jr., was one of recent history’s greatest Prophets holding a deep love for God and all humankind. He showed us leadership through devotion and through service. He understood that Karma Yoga gives way for a direct connection with God, “Everybody can be great, because anybody can serve. […] You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.” Sound Bath will be Led by Dass Shanti Kaur Dass Shanti Kaur was drawn to a spiritual path since a young age, finding inspiration through yoga and becoming more deeply inspired with Kundalini Yoga and Meditation. She was fortunate to perform seva to the Miami community for nearly two years by opening the doors and being a leader of the aquarian sadhana at Kundalini Life Miami and Sacred Space Miami. As her knowledge deepens through this exploration, coupled with joining the Gong Avatar Academy and spending time in places of great spiritual significance like India, she has not only experienced healing and transformation but has also learned that healing is a life long journey. Donations are welcome. Most lovingly, all are welcome. Sat Nam!

Women's Circle

Spirit Warriors


This workshop is an invitation to explore and activate your inner hidden goddess, to access your inner wisdom, mysterious power and overwhelming sensuality. The goddess within is - according to both Jungian depth psychology as well as the Indian wisdom tradition - not a myth but a reality. This goddess-figure is an archetypal energy, which exists through the specific and unique feminine expression that only you yourself can be and manifest. Assuming your role as a woman is a spiritual necessity. It is the easiest way to create a happier life for yourself and to bless the world with your divine gifts, thus nourishing and healing it. Togetherness with our sisters helps us recognize the essence of the feminine. The power of being united is a key to access unimaginable possibilities. Get a taste of… Recognizing your own feminine uniqueness and beauty Unlocking your feminine power within The extraordinary gift of being part of a women’s circle Tantric and Taoist techniques specific for women aimed to touch your soul and open your heart, boost your self-confidence, amplify your charisma and your sensuality Join us for this 2h women only workshop in which we start exploring together the fascinating feminine nature. • Please wear comfortable clothes that also allow your inner goddess to shine through. • Please bring a notebook and a pen, as some exercises require it. • Snacks are welcome (especially vegan ones). • We will provide mats, pillows and blankets. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/womens-circle-tickets-54542979520

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“Universal Yoga: Flow & Let Go!”

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