What we're about

We are a non-denominational group of Christian Singles (including Single Parents) from various diverse backgrounds and all walks of life. We want everyone to feel welcome within our group.

Though majority of our members are Christians, our mission is to promote the growth of an environment that our members will feel comfortable mingling with both their Christian and non Christian friends, going out for adventures that all can enjoy.

We are a kid friendly group too and will host many events suitable for kids of most ages.

Our goal is to nurture a SAFE PLACE where members can have fun and at the same time form good healthy relationships.

We require a profile picture ( need to see your face) at all times. Just your picture, not you with others or a group. It facilitates a safer environment for meet up events.

Need to put a face to your name while we get together which makes identifying you easy in a crowd.

Again, while this geared towards Christian Singles, all may join irrespective of religion. You will see EVENTS geared towards SINGLE PARENTS, MARRIED COUPLES AND FOR KIDS.

All are welcome!

This group is about helping out in the community, having fun, and meeting new friends while in a safe environment. By joining this group or remaining a member of this group, you agree to refrain from the list of inappropriate behaviors listed below while attending Bay Area Christian Singles (BACS) events or visiting the BACS Meetup site. If you exhibit any of the following, you will be removed from the group:

Inappropriate Behavior

• Excessive no shows in relation to the number of events attended. I will expect you all to show up if you RSVP'D YES. You will get 3 strikes and then, I will take the offenders off the group.

May your Yes be a Yes. I understand things will happen and you might need to cancel last minute. However, in those cases you should at least be courteous and post a message on the event page stating that you will not come. Or update your rsvp.

Respect everyone's time. Do not expect event hosts to wait for a NO-SHOW. That is just disrespectful.

• Sending spam emails to members to promote a business, event, etc. without permission of the main organizer.

• Sending emails to members you haven't met for the purposes of dating or picking up. This isn't a dating website. Making another member to feel uncomfortable because of either behavior OR comments (creepiness). This can be either directly or through a blind private message or an email. None will be tolerated. If that is your goal, please join another group. There are plenty of groups geared for dating out there. I want all my members to feel SAFE.

• Being touchy or physical with another member (overly aggressive). If you don't have permission to touch,please keep your hands and body to yourself.

• Having multiple profiles with the group. Only one profile is permitted per person.

• Bringing former members of the group to an event as your guest is not permitted.

• Stalking other members.

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