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Shaman Circle of Virginia Beach Founder and Organizer

The Shaman Circle of Virginia Beach is a community of those interested in, those practicing shamanism as a personal practice and those who are shamanic practitioners. Monthly journey circles will be offered as well as classes, workshops and guest presenters. Individual shamanic training, counseling and healing services are also offered. The Shaman Circle of Virginia Beach has a sister group on Cape Cod, MA which began 5 years ago. You can find this group on Meetup as well as The Shaman Circle of Cape Cod. As our community grows we will establish sweat lodge, pipe ceremony and fire ceremonies. Shamanic circles and community is the heart of shamanism. Come and be a part of it!

As the founder of Shaman Circle of Virginia Beach I welcome you! This is the second Shaman Circle on the East Coast and in the next few months a third will begin in New Bern, North Carolina. My life has included shamanism as a personal practice since I was in my 20s (1988). In my early 50s I was called to walk on the path of the shamanic practitioner. My training includes three frameworks: Core Shamanism with Michael Harner, Siberian Shamanism with Steve Serr, and Peruvian Shamanism with Chris Krohn (Alberto Villoldo teachings). I also worked on my own personal healing for 13 years with Shaman Foster Perry of Golden Hummingbird Medicine. My work encompasses healing sessions in person and via the phone.

Currently I am offering a transformative journey through the Medicine Wheel through the Peruvian Shamanic training that is deeply healing. The journey happens over the course of a year via four weekend retreat experiences. Keep an eye out for meetups around this opportunity!

Please feel free to connect: 508-560-6891 or centerforpersonalevolution@gmail.com

I look forward to our paths crossing!

Gwendolyn C. Natusch, M.Ed., MSW

The Shaman Circle of Virginia Beach also has a co-organizer now! Erika Graves joins us and will be offering rich and exciting shamanic experiences and opportunities on our meetup.

Erika Graves provides services for this MeetUp in the Tidewater Area serving Norfolk, Virginia Beach and surrounding cities! Outside of her professional endeavors as an LCSW, she provides the following Energy Healing Modalities as Classes or Individual 1:1 Sessions: *Usui Reiki Master/Teacher; *Chakra Assessments and Healing Plans; *Stone/Crystal/Mineral and Rock Therapy; and *The Plentiful Energy of Mother Nature Therapy.

In February of 2016, Erika embarked on the magical journey of the Peruvian Cross Cultural Medicine Wheel with Gwendolyn Natusch through The Center for Personal Evolution. Her life is changing before her very eyes and she is eager to share this information, her healing classes and individual sessions with the world! Erika's classes are fun, interactive, creative and full of love and support!

Where can you find Erika?

GREAT QUESTION! She holds classes in her space in Virginia Beach. She offers healing services in her Virginia Beach space OR in your own home or space. What would "another space"' be to receive classes or healing sessions? Outdoors, at a park, on the beach, in a field, at a wedding, at a Baby Shower or Bridal Shower, during a party or cookout- The possibilities are endless! Keep an eye on this MEETUP or visit her website to see upcoming events that may be of interest to you! Please visit her website to explore more about her and what she offers the world at http://www.NyawaSoulSongs.org

Upcoming events (5)

Intuitive Development a 4 Part Series (Morning Session)

Join us in this morning session as we delve into developing our intuitive abilities. We will work together in a small 5 person group. In this four-part series, we will be working on discovering the “clairs” as well as telepathy, pendulum work, oracle card readings and much more. March 7th, 12th, 21st, 26th Total prepaid investment $100 for all 4 sessions https://www.healingtreecenter.org/store

Shamanic Journey & Power Animal Retrieval

Healing Concepts

Come join us for a monthly Journey Circle gathering and discussion. We will be talking about the practice of Shamanic journeying, how it differs from traditional meditation, the origins, history and much more. New participants will be guided to journey for their power (totem) animal. Experienced journeyers can journey to strengthen their bonds with their power animals or set another intention for the journey. Please consider bringing a journal, pen, eye covering and/or floor mat for your comfort. $15 prepaid to reserve your spot, limited seats available. https://www.healingtreecenter.org/store

Shamanic Journey Advanced Group

Healing Concepts

Have you joined us for a Power Animal Retrieval or do you have experience Journeying on your own? We’d like to invite you to join us for our Advanced Journey group. In this small 5 person group, we will help you to continue to communicate with your Power Animals, Guides and Explore your paths in Journey. $20 Prepaid - Only 4 seats available. https://www.healingtreecenter.org/store

Rewriting Your Story: Defining Your Legacy

Needs a location

From the time we are born, we all have a finite time on this earth. Yet in our society, many of us are not prepared for the inevitable. If something were to happen: - Do you have a plan in place for your final arrangements? - Does your family know your plans? Are they in writing? - Do you have a plan in place for your children? For your animals? These are all very important questions but the thing most of us overlook is: - Do you know what your legacy will be? During this two hour group, we will take a look at the story of our lives, determine what we would want the story to look like if it ended tomorrow and begin to shape our stories going forward. $25 Limited space available, prepay to reserve your spot today! https://www.healingtreecenter.org/store

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The Mystic Fair

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