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The Path of the Shaman weaves between ordinary and non-ordinary reality. As your awareness expands to include the underlying energy matrix of life, so does your field of opportunities. Your inner guides and Tribal Soul hold the key to your talents and strengths. Experience the ease and grace of following the Solar Seasons. Align with the Flow of Life and health and abundance are natural. Follow ancient practices to experience from your heart-center -- and a path of Beauty and creativity unfolds naturally.
"The purpose of Life is to be happy." The Dali Lama

Stuck? Unhappy? Discouraged? Break free of limiting habits (most are learned or inherited - and not your own.) Trauma and fears stagnate in your physical and emotional body - and hold you back. If you are experiencing some success but not breaking free to live healthy and abundantly - then Soul Memory retrieval practices can free you.
Learn the Medicine Wheel’s Magic & empower yourself. Discover how to "follow the Great Mystery" and find your heart-path. Why? Only then do you open to your OWN destiny. You are not alone. Claim your Tribal Soul so that all your resources are available to you.
Shamanism is the exploration of non-ordinary reality to heal, gain knowledge and explore possibilities. It is common to all ancient teachings - from the Vedas, Buddha, the Tao, I Ching, Martial Art practices, Tibetan Mysticism, Mongol Wind Horse Teachings, Celtic, Wicca, Ancient Greece, Egyptian, Hawaiian Huna and Ho 'Oponopono, and Native Tribal wisdom on every continent and in every culture. It is your natural state of being mindful in the NOW and following Inspiration.
The Path of the Shaman is an " experience" and not simply talk or concepts. You will experience the roots of ancient shamanic wisdom through transformational exercises and journeying into alternate states of awareness. Common links between all Shamanic Practices include personal access to the matrix of Life and the 4 worlds; mind-fullness and Focus for clarity and empowerment; and opening to a heart-centered life path. Slip into the spiritual realms of the Great Mystery and "journey" into your potential.
The newest sciences of Quantum physics and EPI-genetics, the morphagenetic field and the matrix - have recently discovered the Ancient Wisdom of the Mystics and the Shaman. Experience the Knowing Field or Great Mystery for yourself. Health, wealth and wisdom are choices you make in this way.
Life is not a struggle - give up the fight. Align with the Solar Cycles (seasons) and allow The Flow (the Tao) to carry you.
Shamanic Clan Workshops & Practices
Medicine Wheel Shamanic training (Journeying with the Power of the 4 Directions)
Shaman Journey with the Power and Wisdom of the Solar Seasons
Soul Witness Dancing in a Shamanic Tribal Soul tradition
Drumming Circle and Medicine Wheel Clan teachings - Building a Medicine Bundle
The Beauty Way: Path of abundance and Good Fortune
Private: Soul Memory Work & Shaman Journey Training

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