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Shamanism & Reiki are powerful spiritual healing practices. These ceremonial practices create portals to traverse between non-ordinary (extra-ordinary) and ordinary reality. We use these practices to commune with the spirit worlds in ceremony with intention to ask for guidance, retrieve our power, increase and heal our energy, and bring back wisdom that can be used for the betterment of our human experience. As we expand our awareness of these realms, we deepen our connection to the quantum field of infinite potential, aligning with our hearts, gifts and talents and synchronize with the flow of life. Shamanism & Energy Healing practices have always existed in all ancient indigenous tribes and enlightened cultures. All paths lead to One Truth! Let’s remember these ancient healing traditions. And as wisdom keepers honor and respect the Mother Earth, the Elements, all Living Beings, the Cosmos and our place within it. Join us for ceremonies, workshops, spiritual teachings, energy healings, and meditations. You will experience awakenings, consciousness shifting, and Self-realization through the alchemy of these practices.

These are the types of practices we guide:
--Ceremony & rituals of many traditions
--Despacho Workshops
--Shamanic Drum Journeys
--Group Reiki Shares and Circles
--Shamanic Reiki Healing
--Rising Star Healing
--Cacao Ceremonies
--Altar/Temple Building
--Plant Medicines
--Essential Oils
--Devotional Chanting
--Meditation & Yoga

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