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Experience making your own Shamanic Drum Making for yourself. The ancient wisdom of the drum and the drum medicine that begins its healing work the moment the class begins.
The focus in this class is not just to make a drum, for me, and for many, it goes much deeper than that. Experience for yourself making your own sacred healing tool. Allow your drum to awaken your spirit and release that which is ready to be released within you. Your drum and you bond, and it becomes a tool for personal growth.
Have some fun, laugh, struggle through obstacles, and experience spiritual growth with the assistance and guidance of your drum.
You do not need to be a drummer, or even have rhythm to experience the healing from a drum. Just drumming, with no consistent beat or talent, is extremely healing. It can express emotions you are unable to release, or bring out passions you have yet to express. Let your Sacred Drum be an extension of yourself, whether used in drumming circles, or just drumming alone to heal, grieve, or express joy.

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