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Irma StarSpirit Woman and Judith Caban, Reiki Master, joined gentle forces on their mission to heal through Reiki, Shamanism, Sound Healing & Crystal healing. In the way every discipline adapts to each teacher, the two teachers found a common Soul language and home for their shared purpose in the healing arts. We are trying to build the Shamanic & Reiki community and expand to reach those in need of like minded people.

It's important for us to have a place in NYC that people can gather to pray, learn, drum, and practise the healing arts. Our Mission at Shamanic Fire Reiki, Soul Haven, Inc. is to introduce healing through alternative methods by teaching educational programs such as MedicineWay, Shamanism, Reiki, Crystal workshops, Sound Meditation and a vast variety of community circles. Featured monthly are specialized workshops taught by holistic educators within their established fields. As we create a Soul Haven where individuals can find a place of Spirituality, Meditation and Inner Peace. Our main purpose is to improve the quality of life through the healing arts to inspire, empower and harmonize families and community relationships in a positive way to improve the world. Visit our website at shamanicfirereiki.com

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MedicineWay Community Healing Circle with Irma StarSpirit Turtle Woman

We invite you to a the MedicineWay Healing Circle.

A sacred space to learn healing methods and experience remedial inner and curative union. It is always a time to reflect and sometimes the unseen needs to be acknowledge. We also need to be recognized by the "Spirit" the Great Creator, to be a witness to our experiences and chapters that unfold in our life, so we may be seen and heard.

Come open yourself to learn how to listen to your body, silence the mind, and travel into the inner dimensions of "Spirit". Enter the journey into the MedicineWay.

Please bring a rattle or drum or simply clap your hands making sound.

You must register to attend email us at [masked]
Exchange: $25
or pay via eventbrite https://www.eventbrite.com/e/147309345217

An Online Event MedicineWay Introduction to Crystal Healing with Irma StarSpirit

Course begins on May 14th - Aug. 6th (see monthy dates below)

This 4-week introductory course will introduce you to techniques in crystal healing. How to infuse Crystals with the body’s chakra system, which is known as an ancient technique of the laying of the stones and how to set up a healing space using crystals to ensure a protective crystal shield. The importance of working with pendulums, crystal points and use of special crystal wands to work on the client’s body. Lastly we learn how to clear, charge and amplifying crystal energy and combine the healing with the laying of the hands, such as energy work, Reiki, and Shamanic practices.

Indigenous theories and ancient practices using crystals are discussed and practiced.
Meditations with the crystals accompanied with journey work will be incorporated in our work.

Classes will be for 2 hours once a month for 4 weeks months to complete each level.

Dates: Friday, May 14th, June 11th, July 9th and Aug. 6th

Cost: $350

For Information or to Register email Irma at [masked]
or use Eventbrite to register and pay https://www.eventbrite.com/e/149920641675

Note from Irma
I want to take this time to thank All my MedicineWay Apprenticeship students for asking for me to do more advance work and for those who have been participating in crystal classes that want to go into the crystals within a deeper level.

As a Medicine Woman/Karuna/Reiki Master/Crystal Energy Healer I love using crystals within ALL my work, now it's time to expand it for others to really take their passions of crystals to a deeper healing level.

Are You Ready, to move forward and explore the world of the Crystal Realm?

Blessings and love to all for also encouraging me to move forward with my work.

Intro to Vogel Healing Wand

Online event


The crystal matrix of the Phi Vogel Wand work within the fields beyond space and time. The sacred geometry of the Vogel wand transfers information directly to the healer. A combination of codes and patterns are formed in which one can identify and download personal information. Remember that our beloved Marcel Vogel created the Vogel Wand and was the first person to invent the crystal chip in the first IBM computers. The wand is an in depth precision crystal light-healing tool and is a must for Reiki, Energy, Shamanic & Crystal healers and use for your healing work.

This four hour online workshop intensive, we explore and voyage into the crystal Vogel Wand to connect to it in a deeper and higher level. We will open up the vibration of Vogel wand to extend and infuse healing light within the tangible realm.

The Vogel Wand which emits a vibration which extends and amplifies the power and grasp of the user’s mind. Intent used within the laser wand, radiates energy in highly concentrated form, and this extremely benevolent energy may be transmitted into objects or people at will. Discussed are Marcel Vogel's defined meaning of the number of cuts within Vogel wands manifested to help humanity and to assist in the alternative healing world.

As we learn the history of the Vogel wand and learn how to activate and charge it to use it to bring harmony and balance by renewing energies in the etheric fields. Practice self-healing, long distance techniques, create healing elixirs with the Vogel wand to instill with energy and prayer. Prepare to go into a deeper realm with your Vogel wand and expand its light with Divine Unconditional Love to allow us to work on ourselves to do self-treatment and bring balance into our energy fields.

This class are for beginners as well as advance crystal light workers, shamanic & reiki healers.

I am so grateful to Marcel Vogel, for through his work there has been an open channel with him to expand the healing energy, light, techniques and uses of these Phi Vogel Wand crystals that Marcel Vogel has left to all humanity to share and remember.

*On a personal note: I often use the Vogel Wand technique on clients, especially when there are energies that don't move in their life, working on all levels of fear or even obstacles in their life. I have also experienced the Vogel technique done on me, the result of great clearings & shifts have occurred.

Cost: $150.00
For Information or to register email Irma at [masked]
Or pay by using Eventbrite link https://www.eventbrite.com/e/149822666629

Seer's Series, Learning to do readings with Sacred Geometry with Irma

This month we attune to sacred geometry and learn how to do intuitive readings through these sacred shapes and mixing the elementals to them.

Our ancestors used many systems to do intuitive readings by reading from tea leaf to crystal sphere. Every month I will be teaching a series of intuitive ways to read, consisting from different methods and tools, such as working crystal spheres (obsidian & clear quartz), water gazing, crystal grids, sacred geometry shapes, rocks and feathers.

Using natural rock to be able to scry within the formation of the unusual shapes within the stone. As seer’s we use the earth as a tool. As traditional healers from the Yucatan and Guatemala use stones for scrying they are known as sastun as the rock formations come from these seer’s stones. Sas (meaning light) and tun (meaning stone or age). Sastun then literally means “light of the ages,” reflecting the longstanding traditional wisdom involved in healing.

Everything comes from within as individuals we enter the space of the unconscious mind to reveal the light within our perception of residual memories, futuristic interpretations and to interpret direct answers.

Remember everything in shamanism is alive, everything is living energy of Spirit as it also has vibration. An interconnection is made by opening up our channels to the Great Spirit, Universal Energy within us. We all can foresee the unseen some of us have this as a natural ability which we are still developing it as so am I.

Some of us are taught these skills in order to open our natural psychic abilities which are dormant, the ability is there, trust is important, to allow the energy to flow. Becoming "The hollow bone", where energy can just go through you as received through the higher power in order to become a healer and seer, not to use as personal power but to help humanity and community.

It is time you remove those obstacles that you are perhaps are not allowing to open. Seek and explore through your higher self and your connection to the Great Mystery. Take the leap of faith in knowing you are one of a kind in this world, manifest your gifts and use them as they are intended to be shared. Walk the walk, talk the talk and always walk with beauty.

Calendar of The Art of the Seer Series

March 26th- Opening the 3rd Eye

April 23rd- Crystal Sphere Scrying

May 28th - Sacred Geometry Reading https://www.eventbrite.com/e/148383449893

June 25th- Crystal Grid Reading

July 23rd- Toltec Fire Reading

Aug. 20th- Rock & Water Reading

Individual Class Cost: $75
To Register: Irma at [masked]
or use Eventbrite Link above

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