• The Healing Drum Intensive with Irma StarSpirit Turtle Woman

    SFR Soul Haven


    THE HEALING DRUM INTENSIVE Techniques on Shamanic Healing A One Day Intensive Sat. Feb. 23 * 11:00 - 5:30 pm Open yourself up to a deep level of bonding & unfold the medicine between you and your drum. Begin with an the initiation of your drum into the healing world of Shamanism. Shamans connect to their drums in a deeper level, and they are healing tools and connecting with the waves of our voice they intertwining with the voice of the drum. In this workshop we will play with different sounds, rhythms and overtones. Learn how voice also carries itself through the drum. Experience how vibration can move through the bodies energy fields, how blockages are removed and how we can restore, align, and awaken the 5 bodies. We have a tool that can extract energies no longer needed in the body and bring more fluidity to our blood and DNA. Inspirations to take with you: * Drum Initiation & Blessing * Different ways to play the drum, with or without drumsticks * Rhythms of enchantment, experimenting with different rhythms for use of shamanic journey or for trance dance * Use of toning and vocal harmonizing incorporating the drums heartbeat * Power songs, Icaros, chants & overtones * Finding the intervals of sound-wave & silence * Playing with call backs within a drum circle * Shaman's healing tool, using the drum to move the DNA within the body *Alignment and clearing energy centers * Using the drum as an extraction tool to remove energy blockages * Maintenance and Care of Sacred Drums As shamans & medicine people the greatest connection is the one with our drum, our voice used with power songs, using this healing tool of vibration energy and sound between shared between our body and our drum. Please bring your drum if you don't own one, one will be provided Location: SFR Soul Haven, 56 West 45th St. Suite 1703 by Rockefeller Center Cost: $150 To Register: Contact Irma at [masked] TESTIMONIALS: "The Healing Drum Intensive workshop was quite informative and gave me a greater sense of appreciation and respect for my drum. I always loved the sound of drums, but did not know how it should be properly cleansed, nurtured and used for healing of the self and others. Irma was thorough and patient in guiding everyone with step by step instructions and took the time to make certain that each person followed the process correctly. This is key, for those who intend to use drumming as a healing tool in their work." -N.R. "The healing drum intensive was a good introduction to working with a drum from the shamanic perspective. Irma provided clear instructions, feedback, and supervision during the activities. As a first time drummer, it was easy to follow along. I would recommend this workshop to anyone interested in using their drum to facilitate healing." –D.Z. “Within a beautiful circle, guided by Irma Star Spirit, I learned to drum, not with my hands but with my heart and all of my being! Irma's love of teaching from her heart and her wisdom had me and group drumming in divine harmony - singing and dancing, releasing light and love - healing ourselves and each other. Her drum workshop is a path to fully immersing one's self into the Cosmic essence that flows within all and each of us.”--U.D.M. “The workshop felt like a gently loving yet powerful wake-up call from spirit. Irma and the spirit allies provided a safe space that allowed the natural flow of our voices to run free, each voice connected to the voice of each drum, each drum sound connected to the deepest of our soul, forming a healing circle of love and unity. In silent we listened, in singing we connected. I remember in our circle of oneness each voice was delightfully unique, nostalgic and familiar. We are one. Thank you Irma Spirit Woman for offering a time and space to reconnect”--F.A.

  • Vogel Wand II Power of Creative Intention with Irma StarSpirit Turtle Woman

    Our Vogel Wand intensive continues as we explore and reconnect into the crystal Vogel Wand entering a deeper and higher level. We will open up the vibration of Vogel wand to extend and infuse healing light within the tangible realm. As we create healing elixirs to instill with energy and prayer. High energy of entrainment to infuse light particles as currents into our electro-magnetic liquid body of light. The second healing technique with the Vogel wand will also be explored. Enter the vibration of the Vogel wand to extend our psyche as we work with self protection technique against psychic attacks and technique to help the fracture of bones, tumors and growths. Additionally, we explore the work with the Vogel wand to send long distant healing and self healing techniques. Prepare to go into a deeper realm with your Vogel wand and expand its light with Divine Unconditional Love to allow us to bring balance into our energy fields. Prerequisite: Student must have taken my Vogel Wand I Intensive Healing Class. Cost: $150 Register: email [masked] Location: Given to registrants. Limited to 12 Students * Previous Students may sign up on waiting list and attend for half price. A personal share: I have been working with the Vogel Wand for many years now, tapping into the Cosmic Vibrational light and sacred geometry language. Marcel Vogel has been a great inspiration, kind teacher and helpful guide to me. It's time to go into exploring the depths of this beautiful healing tool, that Marcel Vogel so gifted us with his heart and left behind a legacy for all humanity to share. Thank you Marcel Vogel, we love you unconditionally, which keeps you close to all the hearts of the light workers that you have entrusted with this tool of light.

  • Shamanic Crystal & Stone Illumination Series with Irma

    SFR Soul Haven


    In Feb. we will explore the Tektite & Meteorite energies of space. Learn how to recognize, identify patterns, shapes and facets in crystals and qualities of gemstones & stones. As healers the need to incorporate the crystal/stone people into your work such as reiki, shamanism, crystal and energy work. Exploring and working with them in a master level and infusion them into personal healing or sessions. Process of making grids to energize and clear space within your home, job or blessing rooms. Working with master crystals to use for channeling and journey work. As we work we will add stones into our shamanic tool kit, such as shaman stones (moqui stones), tektites, dessert rose, meteorite, river stones, special techniques to move energy and empower yourself as well as your clients. Each month we will incorporate the stones for healing or protection purposes, accompanied with meditation, journey and hands one work. Location: SFR Soul Haven, 56 West 45 St. Suite 1703, Midtown, Manhattan Exchange: $45.00 per class Special price for all 6 classes paid in advance $240 To Register email [masked] Future Class Dates all from 7 pm - 9pm: Jan. 28th*Crystal Class * The Channel Feb. 25th* Stone Class * Tektite & Meteorite Mar 25th * Crystal Class * The Devic Apr 29th* Stone Class * River Stone & Dessert Rose May 20th * Crystal Class * The Crystal Grid (Personal) June 24th* Stone Class * The Shaman's Stone "Moqui"

  • Healing Through The Universal Light Language with Cory Crow Night Singer

    We will explore the realm of the light code frequencies and discover how to use them for personal healing and raising our light body vibration there will be exercises on how to create your own light code. Light language can come through in many forms such as words, sounds, humming and toning. Singing allows light language to flow through us, producing different voices as one's voice can change when speaking light language. Remember light language comes from the subconscious mind and may arise from previous life's. Our subconscious mind has access to our Akashic records in which the alchemy of Light language arises as ancient wisdom evoking memories buried deep within us. Many times symbols and pictures, such as hieroglyphs trigger hidden meaning to bring a inner knowledge from within our higher self, spirit guides, extraterrestrials and other kinds of inter-dimensional entities. Light language can bring healing since it is created by light and love, it can clear heavy energy with the body as well as the spirit. This class we will dive deeper into our discovery of our light codes to receive further activation and be initiated in to light code frequencies by working with our galactic Elven and ET guides. We enter and hold a celebration by using dreaming and accompanied with transformation healing as we work with the intensity of crystals that will help us channel our own personal light codes. Explore the ancient temples of Lemuria and Atlantis where we tap into our inner priest/priestess within the Universal Light Language. Cost: $25 To Register email [masked] Location: SFR Soul Haven, 56 West 45th St. Suite 1703, NY, NY 10036 * Please Arrive by 6:45 pm - 7 pm afterwards lobby doors will be closed. About Cory Crow Night Singer Cory is a Reiki Master, works with Crystals, Sound and is a shamanic healer. Knowledgeable in herbal plant medicines and creates special oils for healing. He is also an artist and has displayed in galleries in the SouthWest. Cory also completed a one year MedicineWay Apprenticeship Program with Irma StarSpirit Turtle Woman.


    Your welcome to stay all night or stay as long as you wish. What Is MedicineWay Mitote Medicine? It is a dream over-night celebration in which healers and all community come together to pray, sing, drum, dream, cleanse, heal, share stories and dance together. A silent knowledge that replaces chaos with order in your life. It has been passed down through Toltec Lineage to transform ones dreams into wakeful dreams, living dreams. As you know we usually have this ritual twice a year, we welcoming and charging new energy for the New Year. We welcome in the Spring and awaken the spirit of new beginning, calling in the dreams of manifestation and abundance. Come and join us as we manifest our dreams into wakeful living, breathing dreams, open doors and created a safe haven for dreamtime, lucid dreaming, journeying, and holding sacred space together. The night will be mixed with special prayers, connect to our Ancestors, cleansing, healing, movement, storytelling, songs, and toning music. Bring an Intention into the MedicineWay Mitote celebration allow to enter the multi-dimensions interwoven together to allow Spirit to intervene and co-create with us. Throughout the night, we will take turns to experience lucid dreaming, allow to receive and give healing to each other. Carried by movement through breath, sound, to heightened awareness and stalking our own personal power as we travel through the paradigm shift of self awareness as we lose our own personal history and go to a space beyond fear to be able to enter light of our higher being. Open to all levels of energy healers and those whom are just starting on the medicine path. Cost: $125 Location: SFR Soul Haven, 56 West 45th Street, Suite 1703 New York, NY 10036 Bwt. 5th and 6th Avenue, Midtown, Manhattan Intimate Space First 12 people to register To Register email [masked] * A list of items to bring with you for the night will be given to those who register.

  • A Special Introduction to Shamanic Shapeshifting with Irma StarSpirit

    Join us in an introduction to shamanic shapeshifting a discussion of purpose and use of transforming and blending into a new form of liberation, working with our light energy body/dream-body to transcend into deeper understanding the practice of shapeshifting. Focus & Intent helps change our energetic patterns by working with our power animals and guides. Enter the place of no pity, allow yourself to flow with Spirit and understand what is it to be travel and work with your totem animals to share this light on this living planet. A small list of supplies will be given to registrants. Cost: $11 Location: SFR Soul Haven, 56 West 45th Street, Suite 1703 New York, NY 10036 Btw. 5th and 6th Avenue, Midtown, Manhattan To Register: email Irma at [masked] .

  • Shamanic Reiki Drum Circle with Judith, KRM

    SFR Soul Haven


    Come on down and join us in our Shamanic Reiki Drum circle,Bring your favorite drum to journey with, Tone and chant the healing vibrations of the your Drum. A healing modality to create spiritual awareness and well being. The Shamanic Reiki Drum Circle is the place where you can relax your mind, allow spirit to guide your songs and increase your Earthly intuition. Receive a Reiki chair Blessing(Reju) followed by a guided group meditation. Offer each other support with a group healing exchange. * Newcomers are welcome* * No prior Reiki or Drumming experience is required * *All types of drums welcome* Location: SFR Soul Haven, 56 West 45th St. Suite 1703, Btw 5th Ave. & 6th Ave. Midtown, Manhattan Doors open at 6:45 until 7:00 pm thereafter lobby doors are closed. Exchange: $10.00 Contact: Judith at [masked]

  • Celtic Wisdom and Sacred Directions with Nadiya Nottingham

    SFR Soul Haven


    In the Celtic tradition of Bridget Ireland’s triple Goddess the “Day” is honored as a stand alone entity to be revered. In the teachings of this Celtic goddess we honor the Four Directions and you will receive healing medicine of each Direction based on your current requirements for your own healing with the elements of Air, Fire, Water, Mountain/Crystal, Sky and Earth and your Inner Direction of the Heart. In Ireland we have four provinces the middle of the country is Co. Meath, which is derived from ‘MIDE’ or middle, and the human heart is said to be this ‘center of the universe’ holding the space for Heaven and Earth within, the Celts honored nature in deeply profound ways and all their rituals were based on honoring the elements with any ‘eye’ to the heart and it’s place in the rites of life. To Register email [masked] Cost: $30 Location: SFR Soul Haven, 56 West 45th Street, Suite 1703 New York, NY 10036 Bwt. 5th and 6th Avenue, Midtown, Manhattan Please arrive by 6:55 pm - 7:10 pm afterwards lobby doors will be closed. About Nadiya: Nadiya Nottingham is a Priestess of Bridget, originally from Dublin, Ireland. From her earliest childhood she had a deep connection with nature. Her grandmother’s home by the sea was set high on cliff with views of ocean, mountains, glorious cloud formations and the call of the seabirds, her first teachers were these elements. She is a trained in Core Shamanism by the Michael Harner Foundation, by Dr. Isabelle Weber a Celtic Priestess of Bridget and she is a certified Medical Qigong Practitioner by Master Robert Peng and teacher by Master Liu He of Seattle. www.nadiyanottingham.net

  • The Art of Stalking Series ; Awakening Vital Life Force of Spirit with Irma

    The Art of Stalking Series ; Awakening Vital Life Force of Spirit; Techniques on Spirit Releasement Regression, Release and Integration with Irma StarSpirit Turtle Woman This month feature: Recovering Soul Fragmentation Enter a place of healing and freedom from emotional scars which you may still continue to suffer from the past. Emotional scars from this life, past life or from our lineage and ancestors, Learn and understand where they come from and how to clear them, tapping into a new system of belief. Awaken your inner knowledge of the recordings of past responses, habits and patterns that have been created. Clear the roots of issues where you get stuck emotional and create unwanted behavioral patterns. It is time you stop blaming external circumstances. Recognize the heavy or negative energy that you feel and base your past conditioning. Realize, you must take responsibility for yourself now to be able to have access to a clear future. Stalking your own inner freedom from conditioning of the past within the known and the unknown. Awakening to clear perceptions and begin to understand yourself in much deeper levels. This workshop series we will study and develop several techniques to regain and restore your inner light, within a clear state of mind and being. No longer resist whom you choice to be, allow all attachments and possessiveness to drop from your psyche. As a Six-month Series as we go in depth to work with issues as near death experiences, physical trauma, sexual trauma, past life, self-deceiving mechanisms such as drugs, alcohol, hallucinogens and other habits, spirit possession, entity attachments, psychic attack, spirit separation, distorted behaviors, unbreakable patterns and nightmares. If you are a Reiki, Crystal or Shamanic healer, Energy or body worker, this class is important for to discover the many layers of the Spirit, Soul, Mind, Psyche, and Body. Highly recommended to shamanic practitioners to benefit in their soul retrieval services. Covered will be techniques of mind negation working through conscious and unconscious self and reaching the true essence of being not only for yourself but for your clients. Discovering freedom from past accumulated memories. If we allow these memories to act in the present and destroy our creative hope, how can we bring fears into our future? In Toltec knowledge developing perception is done through the skill of seeing with the help of our second attention, our ultimate goal is to master the skill of our third attention, Freedom. Join us to find the center of the second attention as we begin self-discovery and the shift into the perception of freedom. Become the warrior of knowledge through the act of creative thinking, self-observation using (recapitulation) and stalking inner awareness of the outer as well as the inner psyche. Gathering all energy and knowing you have no limitations in this lifetime. Awaken your higher self to go beyond it all and open the door to a higher perception of being. We will be working in class with the modalities of shamanic journey work, meditation, Toltec recapitulation (writing, drawing and reflection), group integration work and group discussion. Last Two Dates Left: Thus. Mar. 7th - Techniques on Spirit Releasement Thurs. Apr - 4th - Exploring Entities & Treatments * Note: Please arrive on time, someone will be at the lobby at 6:55 pm until 7:10 pm, thereafter the lobby door will be closed. _________________________________________________ To Register email: [masked] Cost per class $55 Location: SFR Soul Haven 56 West 45th Street, Suite 1703 New York, NY 10036 Bwt. 5th and 6th Avenue, Midtown, Manhattan Please arrive by 6:55 pm - 7:10 pm afterwards lobby doors are closed.

  • Transcendent Energy Awareness & Protection with Irma StarSpirit Turtle Woman

    Join us in this special class to assist and allow natural gifts to unfold and awaken your intuition to transform and shift the knowledge within your body's awareness. Do you find your an empath? Discover techniques to help protect yourself and your energy body field. Explore the importance of detecting and closing up gaps within the body's auric field. Toltec luminous body shields are practiced with personal intention used for protection from "taking on unwanted energy" but also to strengthen ones Aura and Dream body and sealing it energetically. Learn to identify and work with exercises that help absorb toxic energy, protection from psychic attack and how to release heavy energy. Time to reflect, re-balance, restore and transcend into a higher vibrant vibration of energy. Openness to receive the guidance of the Great Spirit to assist and transmute and transform for well being of your higher self. When we go through emotional shifts we are vulnerable, energy fields become disrupted especially with energy that doesn’t belong to us. The motion to clear, reconstruct and rebuild our vibration level to bring us back into balance within our cosmic vibrational being. A must for shamanic, Reiki, Energy workers, Shamanic or Crystal Healers. To Register: Contact Irma at [masked] Cost: $30 Location: SFR Soul Haven 56 West 45th St. Suite 1703, NY, NY 10036 * Please arrive by 6:45 pm - 7:00 pm afterwards lobby will be closed.