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Hello Friends and fellow seekers, There is so much we can do together, so I created a Meetup Poll to find out what you may be most drawn to. If you have the time, please fill it out so I can be of best service. (see Meetup Poll link below) Just to note, there are ongoing Ceremonies that I do not post on this forum. After we have gathered a couple of times, other doors will open to you. Until we meet, wishing you many blessings. christina mmw

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Shamanism is often referred to as 'The Path with Heart', the work that bridges the worlds, drops the veils, brings integration of shadow, deep healing, and it is a pathway to power.

Ottawa Shamanic Gatherings, offers shamanic medicine circles and opportunities to experience the shifting, healing medicine, of shamanic trance and other tools, as ways of connecting to other realms, guides, spirit, and our essence/higher self, for growth, healing, and awakening.

Shamanism is a dance into the Magical Worlds, a remembering of the Earth Medicine Ways. These ways and medicine's are again rising in the collective consciousness in these amazing times on Momma Earth.

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