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Full Shamanic Training Workshop
This is a powerful workshop to train Modern Apprentice Shamans techniques from the Ancient Toltecs, and Ancient Taoists. This is an intensive 5 hour long workshop that will work with the 4 directions. (Indoors and Outdoors). In the first part we will work to understand the body and the anatomy of the energy grids surrounding our bodies which connects to our DNA. We learn Qi gong techniques, smudging, yogic breathing, and other aspects to clear the auric field which is imperative before working further. This is the South. Next we work with the West to learn the art of Recapitulation, Soul Retrieval, and Destiny retrieval. This is where we learn to clear away past trauma, and reclaim past energies that were taken from us. We also learn how to perform a soul retrieval for others. Finally we learn the Destiny Retrieval, to claim the future that we wish to manifest through dreaming. Next we work with the East and the art of Dreaming itself. This is where we learn full control and mastery over the "Light Body", or "Dream Body", Lucid dreaming, and Astral Projection Techniques to control our dreams both at night and during the day. We also learn entity extraction and the way of the Toltec Warrior, where we will receive the tools to protect ourselves and others from psychic vampirism, and Negative Entities. A heavy emphasis is placed on working in harmony with the 9 elements that make up our reality, and wielding them in Spiritual Battle. Finally we work with the North. The North faces in front of us, and is symbolic for our inevitable death. Here we learn the Death Rites, and how to prepare ourselves for the final and definitive journey that will transition us to the Next World when we die. This is a sacred Ceremony and we will learn the power songs of the ancient traditions that guide the dying souls to the next world. It also prepares ourselves for our own Death and how best to die with our minds fixated on merging with the creators mind, ending the cycle of karma. ******************** Please bring Lunch and Water, as this is an intensive workshop and much to cover. Please also Bring heavy rain gear and proper equipment (umbrellas etc) in case of rain. We will be outside rain or shine, as there will be a special part of the workshop geared towards working in rain conditions. I look forward with meeting the New Apprentice Shamans of the Modern era, and the generations that will hold intact the ancient teachings that have survived the onslaughts of Greed and Tyranny. Blessings

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