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Calling all Lightworkers! We're a conscious community of spiritually-based men and women, interested in honing our shamanic abilities so we may each live our Sacred Life Purpose and give our gifts to the world.

Each of us is here to bring forth a flood of loving energy, peace and truth to the planet. By enlivening the flames of growth in our lives we can set ablaze a global wildfire of positive change in evolution.

Stand with us, as we stand for the light, within and without. Come and be held, guided and supported within the loving arms of Sacred Community to embrace peace in our hearts and mind, while holding space for the emergence of our Shamanic Abilities.

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The 3 Keys to Activate Your Abilities as a Shamanic Healer

Soul Of Yoga Institute

Did you know there are 7 types of healers? At this in-person San Diego workshop, you’ll: * Activate Your Healing Abilities So You Can Help More People * Have Clarity on Which Healer Type You Are So You Can Walk Your Path With Confidence * Cleanse Your Energy so You Don’t Take on Dark Energy From Others * Discover the Other Healer Types so You Can Integrate New Tools Into Your Practice Six attendees will also receive a VERY profound healing session from one of our master healers. When you understand and have clarity on your shamanic healing abilities, your confidence to step out as a healer will NATURALLY skyrocket. These have been very intensive times we're in. Consciousness is moving at warp speed. Activating and owning who we are as healers is one of the greatest untapped resources we have to assist Humanity at this time. We have no time to waste, my fellow Lightworker... It’s time for you to step out as the healer that you are, and activate, heal, and transform the world! We hope you'll join us, as we come together for this free come-unity gathering from the heart. :) In Love & Service, ~ Rose

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"ACTIVATE Your Shamanic Abilities" - San Diego Workshop

Soul Of Yoga Institute

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