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Join us in exploring Shamanism in the Modern World
My intention is to bring the mythical practice of Shamanism into our modern world, everyday reality through a grounded, inquisitive and experiential approach. Drawing on my colorful life experience, compassion and insight I assist you in connecting with your authentic source of power… your Soul. Each Meeting we take a uniquely guided Journey revealing information from past lives to give us clarity on current, personal issues effecting our lives at this very moment. Is there a lesson we have not learned? Why does the "same" relationship or job keep showing up, simply dressed differently in a new location? How are old Soul Contracts still "running" my life? What obstacles do I need to shift? What support - seen or unseen - is available to me that I haven't tapped into? What are my gifts to this world? What is my purpose? We explore various questions and issues each time in this experiential and fun Meetup! This is an excellent opportunity to explore and shift any obstacles and old beliefs that keep you from fully living your Soul's Purpose and manifesting your Highest Destiny! Join Kindred Spirits in our community as we journey through this adventure called Life! Please RSVP for each individual event, as space is limited and different people might come on different nights! Simply pay at beginning of each event and reserve your spot. As we have a large group who joined and we have an ongoing waiting list I respectfully ask that if you RSVP'd and for any reason cannot make it, please take a moment to cancel, so another member may take your spot. You can also receive more information about my Shamanic Healing Sessions, Classes and Workshops, or contact me directly through my website: I will see you soon! Aho!

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This group provides the opportunity to explore the beautiful, ancient wisdom teachings of the Q'eros, Shamans of Peru and apply that wisdom to modern life.
By empowering yourself to take stewardship of your life and create your destiny with self-awareness, insight and trust you will be able to define your purpose through fulfillment from within.
Learn how to "Journey" (Guided Meditation) for your Power Animal, a Healing Plant, or simply visit your Personal Eden for Rejuvenation.
Deepen your connection to Pachamama - Mother Earth - and your Soul through Shamanic Practices, Ceremonies, Altars and raised Consciousness.

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