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We have a rich time playing with the magic of sound and spirit, at the intersection of shamanism and sound healing. Explore your own mastery of shamanic sound healing through personalized training, and community-based coursework and events. Whether you are a receiver (client) or transmitter (learner/healer), the power of sound and its effects on you are magically unmistakable, and truly expressions of Great Mystery. So join me and create a quantum shift in your state of wellness and understanding of the universe through shamanic sound healing and learning.

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Community Journey Circle Aug. 14th

Online event

Join in community for journeying, plus some nourishing sound. For healing, divination, messages most needed at this time. The first Journey will be guided, so that all can participate, regardless of shamanic journeying experience. We will focus on receiving insight and power for healing the outside, through the healing and transformation of our inner selves. Technical Aspects--Please make sure to: Have your device is powered up. Have zoom downloaded on your device. Turn off applications on your device that give notifications (email, messaging, calendar); if its your phone, please put it on do not disturb unless you are anticipating an emergency call for your assistance. If there are other people or devices using the internet and you notice internet instability when we begin, you might want to pre-emptively log out of your other internet connections, and ask your housemates to do the same and read a book. We will be switching to audio only during the journeys themselves. This can help with internet stability. Head phones— I have found that headphones can enrich the audio experience. Set aside time and space where you can focus, receive, without distraction. You may want to journey laying down, so have a suitable arrangement for that. Please have a candle, lit, somewhere safe. An altar if you would like one, with objects that can serve as physical anchors for sources of benevolent, metaphysical power and wisdom. A bandana, mindfold, eye covering. A journal if you would like to write down anything. Intentions for yourself, Earth. Please email me at [masked] to get the link. I look forward to telecommuning with you!

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Community Journey Circle May 1st

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